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Beauvallet - On the high Seas no man is more feared and loathed then the notorious Sir Nicholas Beauvallet, a Englishman with a reputation for taking over Spanish ships for queen and country, but never did Nicholas think that the next vessel he over took would hold a treasure far beyond anything he could have imagined, one that would capture his heart and him willing to risk his life for Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva. Dominica will be no one’s captive, and she fights El Beauvallet at every turn, but with his carefree laughter and amused blue eyes slowly win over her heart, Dominica knows they can never be together once she reaches Spain, only she never counted on Nicholas keeping his promise to go into Spain and whisk her away to marry her! Beauvallet brought back so many fond memories of my love for those old swashbuckling black and white movies where the man without guns or CG would fight with swords and wit in order to win his lady love and defeat the villain(s). The pace would be fast and before you knew it across the screen would be the words The End. Georgette Heyer’s Beauvallet does that, transporting you into a world with her vivid details and dashing hero and spitfire heroine as they meet on the high seas and later dash across England, France and Spain in order to be with one another again. Set in a time where Spain and England were at war, many spanish vessels were taken by English privateer, one such vessels carries Dona Dominica de Rada y Sylva, and her father. After the captain of their ship foolishly challenges El Beauvallet and loses, Dominica fights back when the crew comes upon her and her sick father. Fight back and even standing up with a dragger in hand to the amused El Beauvallet, Dominica is surprised when Beauvallet offers to take them back to Spain himself. Thinking him a thief and a liar, Dominica goes along knowing she has no real choice with her father ill and their ship in tatters. The more she comes to learn about Beauvallet the more she sees him of a man of his word, of true honor with a ready smile on his face, and whom she starts to fall in love with deeply. By the time they reach Spain with a promise from Beauvallet that he would come for her soon, leaves Dominica scared for him life, but as she faces her own villains in the form of her cousin and aunt whom want to marry her off for her money, Dominica still keeps her head and wit about her in order to be with Beauvallet again. Dominica is a feisty heroine whose smart and keeps her wit about her, with her deep love and passion for Mad Beauvallet! The true star of the book was of course Sir Nicholas Beauvallet who was the one who truly drew you in, with his way with words, smiling in the face of death itself and hero one would swoon over if met face to face with. Instead of heroes of today whom curse and shoot anything that moves, Nick uses his wits and charm, drawing out quick plans in his mind on how to go about something. His amused eyes dancing even when everyone thinks he’s trap, Nick is already ten steps on front of you and already on his way. Even with this Nick still comes across in vivid detail as just a man, whom even under the more dire of circumstances, still knows when to fight, and when to flee, one who uses his mind more then his sword. At times he came across as a man without a care in the world, but willing to do anything for love, as he travels from England, to France and into Spain that wants his head. When captured, Nick keeps his head knowing he must get out of the cage he’s in order to be with Dominica. Nick maybe larger then life, but you couldn’t help but be in awed of him, knowing he smile at you and drag you into the fray laughing the whole way. Anytime I pick up a Georgette Heyer book, I know for a fact am in for a rare treat, of wit, charm and history as she paints her book into a romantic adventure that will keep you page turning and leaving you wanting more. The way she writes makes you feel like your right there with the characters, as they speak the words you read on the page. But what draws me in always in her detail to the same thing, from the places to the dresses and outfits wore at the time, with some authors I tend to skip the finer details wanting to get back to the action and meat of the book but with Heyer it adds to the overall charm to her book and makes the book that even more richer in the story. Beauvallet shows this in flying colors from the period of time to of course Nick (who I feel in love with if you can’t tell from this review ;D )Overall: Looking for a high seas romantic adventure with a strong heroine and a charismatic hero? Look no farther then Beauvallet!