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The Trouble with Moonlight - Donna MacMeans On a moonlit night, British spy James Locke is on a mission that focus on his safecracking skills, but as he hears and sudden noise and hides, he witnesses a necklace floating on it’s on in midair, chasing and later tracking down the necklace leads him to Lusinda Havershaw a nevidimi who becomes invisible when in the moonlight, now Lusinda is part of the Great Game with Locke whom trains her into being a spy, but as their mission that involves russian spies get’s more heated as to, does the relationship between James and Lusinda I love and adore Donna MacMeans debut novel The Education of Mrs. Brimley, and quickly went to pick up her next two novels, I was surprised to learn that The Trouble With Moonlight would have a dash of paranormal in it, any doubt I had quickly vanished I was quickly wrapped up in this magical story! The first chapter I do have to say was the one that truly drew you into the story and kept you there. There you have it, your sneaking into someone’s house, whom may or may not have document with names of ever spy of your nation on it, and if in the wrong hands could be the death of men and women whom protect our nation from harm, as you crack open the safe you suddenly hear footsteps, thinking on your feet you quickly close the safe but don’t lock it, hide behind a curtain while peeking out to see whom is walking in. But you eyes and ears must be playing tricks on you as you suddenly see the door open and no one is there, and the shocker? A ruby necklace is floating in mid-air! Of course, then your nose has to get involved as the dust in the curtain makes you sneeze scaring the ruby necklace away! You chase after the necklace, as it hops into a carriage, who following not to close behind, then it stops at a house with a young widow leaving a once empty carriage. You now know the address, and your willing to beat this young widow has the ruby necklace.... This is was James Locke faces one night, and going to see this young widow, he sets up a trap for her, what he’s surprised to find is that this young woman a Ms, Lusinda Havershaw is not only the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, but can becomes invisible when in the moonlight!Knowing she could be of some great use to him to get the documents back, James set-up Lucinda using her family in order for her to work with him. James quickly starts to teach Lusinda all he knows about safecracking, while at the same time trying to put a leash on his passion he feels for her, but even as he tries, he doesn’t think Lusinda would take it into her own hands for a little seduction. As the passion between the two brings them closer, the Russian spies are getting closer and closer, leaving it up to James and Lusinda to find them and stop them. James came from an orphanage and with his nack for lockpicking, quickly moved up the ranks of English spies, but after being capture once and torture, this leaves it marks on James, and later his ability for safecracking. James was smooth when he needed to be and at sometimes so very cute when he finds out Lusinda is pretty much walking around the streets naked! The life has shaped him into what he is, but even when he’s good at breaking into safe, he still has his own heart locked up. He denies his feelings for Lusinda almost to the bitter end, that I wanted to kick him in the butt to start him moving along! This annoyed me with James dragging his feet and sometimes putting his foot in his mouth when it came to Lusinda, but in the end James pulled through (thankfully) and how he loved and protected Lusinda was so tearfully wonderful. Lusinda was one of those female leads whom would kick butt, but didn’t feel modern. She was a woman before her time, but with her gift, kept her in the shadows. Lusinda using her gift, helped to proved for her family with the recovering for the rich whom may have lost, stole or have it pawned off their riches. With James who always seems to know where she is even when she’s invisible suddenly feels whole and finally seenable for the first time in her life. Her love for James works wonders on him, and his love for her makes her brave and willing to fight tooth and nail I felt though Lusinda had to really work slowly to overcome all the locks around James, heart and does she ever! I mean the carriage scene alone was damn hot! It’s her feelings for him, and how she’s able to finally break the locks around James heart that frees him, making him see how much he loves Lusinda. In turn James gives Lusinda the gift of his love and being able to see whom she truly is. The paranormal part was a big part of the book, but it didn’t overshadow the historical aspect of the story, with the TWML taking place in a time of the Great Game (the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia) This is a great and wonderful background for a woman whom could become invisible, that leaves the reader wanting to find out what would happen next not only between James and Lusinda but whom really had those documents? Added to the story were great secondary characters in the form of Lusinda’s sisters and aunt, whom all seem to have their own special “gift” While I did wanna smack Lusinda selfish sister, she did grow up making me look forward to a sequel with her (hopefully)overall: a fast paced and at times very funny book, with everything, anyone could want, a dash of paranormal, set in a time of spies, with two great leads and of course a great romance to top it off!