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Enchanted Rendezvous - Rebecca Ward With shades of the Scarlet Pimpernel, this was a light and fluffy story of Cecily Vervain a one time governess on her way to visit her great aunt, with her protective ill-tempered cat along. Cecily gets caught up in a local mystery of smuggling, with a dandy to the extreme Trevor, Lord Brandon maybe or may not be involved as she starts to see behind the masks of all those around her. Looking for something super light and fun, Enchanted Rendezvous was perfect for a quiet afternoon read. This book had me laughing at times while trying to figure out what Trevor was all about aside from his crazy outfits that “have” to match each room he’s in from purple to yellow by the way. There was a few things that brought the enjoyment level of this book down, was the POV mostly of Cecily, not that she wasn’t a great lead, but I would have liked a little more of Trevor’s view of things. This was a given though as the author didn’t want to give away the “surprise” behind Trevor’s plan, which the ending felt a little anticlimactic, but still very good with all the “baddies” getting their comeuppances. Overall: cute, clean romance with some laugh out loud moments with a good mystery to tie everything together