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The Wooing of Miss Masters - Susan Carroll A huge fan of Susan Carroll and her Bride Finder book, I was happy to have stumbled upon this old gem of hers. This book had me laughing till my sides hurt with the outspoken “spinster” with a huge heart for animals Miss.Audra Masters. Audra has been living the quiet life and trying to live down from her mother’s rep and a flighty woman whom falls in love at a drop of a hat and is on her fourth marriage. Her quiet life changes when she runs into Simon The Duke of Raeburn, Simon has never felt right being the Duke after his older brother’s sudden death, never feeling he could fill his brother’s shoes, he became know as the Scowling Duke due to him never happy or smiling, Simon knows it time to find a bride, so with the help of his sister he decides to throw a ball, he thought it be easy, until of course he butts heads with Miss.Master and quickly loses his heart. The Wooing of Miss.Masters was cute, delightful and very funny romance, with two people have very much in common and trying to find common ground while falling in love at the same time, both Simon and Audra had some biting and sly humor, the laughs were always a surprise and sometimes the situations that both Simon and mostly Audra found themselves in had you shaking your head while trying not to laugh. At the same time, both were lonely people, one not trusting love and another not believing they could find love. The romance between Audra and Simon does happen quickly, it just fit the story. The pace on the other hand did give me some trouble. The first meeting between Simon and Audra did take some time but went off like a bomb as the trade words and butt heads, I felt the ending kinda slowed down and would have liked Audra to stop running away and maybe a few more pages of Simon and Audra as a true couple.Overall: a bundle of laughs with two great leads and a fun romance ride!