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Best Laid Schemes - Emma Jensen ”Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” With Emma Jensen’s Best Laid Schemes takes the Murphy’s Law to extreme, with the crazy schemes that go awry for Earl Tarquin Rome is wants and lives a very order life, and wants that in his future wife, so he invites three beautiful women to chose from, but everything goes to the wayside when he finds out Sibyl a childhood thorn in his side has been invited to, and the more he finds out about her, the more he feels drawn to her. Sibyl has been in love with Tarquin since childhood, and although she comes from a very crazy family, Sibyl is a serious and kind person, if only Tarquin could see her as the woman she is now and not the child of the past. A lot of things happen in Best Laid Schemes, and you would think it wouldn’t work, but somehow Emma Jensen makes it work with this farce nook, a lot of funny scenes and a cute building romance. The trouble I had overall with this book was the lack of romance time between Sibyl and Tarquin, I wouldn’t have minded a few less laughs and more focus on romance.Overall: very cute, funny and simple romance with the Best Laid Schemes going out the window!