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Brighton Road - Susan Carroll The road to Brighton is paved with one misadventure after another! Susan Carroll does it again with some of her classic OOPs, with Brighton Road filled with an authoress trying to help a Baron that doesn’t want her help, win the heart of the one he wants to marry, with a little help from her gothic novels of course. This book was full of laughs from start to finish, Gwenda, the author is fun, and loveable, but at times a little bit to naive in dealing with people. Although her great dog and one of the best animal characters ever Spotted Bert at times is a total scene stealer. As Gwen tries to help Lord Ravenel get the starch out a little and break out of his lonely shell. Ravenel was also very fun with at times his dry wit and how he always losing his temper with Gwen as he saves her from some trouble she’s gotten herself into over and over again. These two were like day and night, but so perfect for one another as both help each other live a little and think little before going head first into trouble. SC humor is in full force with some of the crazy things that happen to Ravenl and Gwen on their way to Brighton. And boy, do they get into some very funny trouble. While the trouble is funny, at times it felt like a little to much and to outlandish, but thankfully doesn’t keep the reader from reading. Overall: a whole lot of fun and a cute romance in bloom!