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The Sugar Rose - Susan Carroll In regencies you always seem to have the willow thin heroine, but in Sugar Rose, that idea goes out the window with a heroine a little on the heavy side, willing to work to better herself for the one she loves, until she starts to see the one she really loves may be right under her nose. I adored Sugar Rose, with trademark SC humor and wit, the romance was very up front compare to her other classic novels. With a somewhat unusual but very relatable lead female character in Aurelia Sinclair , whom happens to love a little to much sweets (but whom doesn’t) and has been in love with her childhood sweetheart for as long as she could remember. Sadly, he doesn’t even see her, which in her heart saddens her deeply as he forgets her as he proposes which has been a family agreement then going on his merry way to London to be with his new mistress. Aurelia is heartbroken, until faced with an option from her fiancé’s best friend. Mr.Everard Ramsey. Everard from the start saw Aurelia as she was inside, a beautiful woman. He always sees what her fiancé actions do to her, setting out to prove something to not only Aurelia fiancé but to Aurelia herself but maybe to himself as well, he helps her change herself into a swan. Aurelia and Everard really grow through the story as they see beyond the masks their forced to wear. Everard is the true romantic hiding behind the mask of a dandy, while he also faces money trouble by taking a chance on a shipment. Everard is one of those heros you just love. Period. He sees beyond those around him, seeing Aurelia and attractive to her from the very start, another wonderful thing about him. Even willing to give up Aurelia to the man he thinks (she thinks) she loves. And a romantic at heart finally let’s his heart lead him to his lady love. Aurelia hides behinds a easy humor and charm, but as she starts to lose the weight and finally has the attention of her fiancé, she sees she doesn’t really want it, she opens her eyes and see the man whom she truly love, is her own tutor. Aurelia was also a very great lead, she just understood where she was coming from, but as she hide in her shell, she’s also missing out on life and never really seeing people. When she finally comes out from her shell, we finally see what Everard saw and knew along and saw the bright star she truly was. And the romantic ending just made you sigh happily.Overall: a wonderful story with a prince seeing the princess for she even knew her own beauty before the magical transformation. Very cute and so romantic!