Rane Aria

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To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt After seven years of captivity Reynaud St.Aubyn finally makes it home, but to a home much different then the one he left, now to reclaim all that is rightfully his, he'll need to prove not only his he not mad, but to have a woman marry him and quickly, as he's drawn to the gentle and calm Beatrice Corning. He feels a deep pull toward Beatrice as Reynaud must fight off his demons to claim more then his wealth back but love...... I’ve looked forward to this book for sometime and was disappointed in the overall of the story. Reynaud was a true blue Alpha male, but came across to me as more of an abused animal as he attacked anything and claimed it as his disregarding everyone’s feelings being a true a-hole to everyone even his best friend Vale. Reynaud spent seven long years going through a lot of pain and dealing with lost and the feeling of being alone, always wishing to for his home. Reynaud comes home thinking he pick up where he left off, that everything would have somehow been the same. Sadly, that is the lesson Reyaud has to learn, and although the change comes hard to him he’s able to open his eyes (FINALLY) and accept the change and love of Beatrice. With Reunaud you end up feeling three things for him you either like him, hate him or feel sorry for him. Through most of the book I just didn’t care for him and ended up feeling sorry for him, although he learned his lesson and proved to himself and Beatrice he was a changed man and not a wild man, I still couldn’t feel a connection to him. Beatrice fell in love with the picture of Reynaud, it becoming her safe guard against the world as she dealt with lost in her young life and always being the practical person on the outside but a dreamer on the inside. With her gentle nature she finally brings light back into Reynaud’s life, but like Reynaud your not given enough push to really feel that connection to her, making you feel her love was more hero worship the love. The love scenes that Hoyt is also famous for were hot but somehow fell flat for me, and that’s how I felt with the book. While I liked reading the book and it was an okay read, the pace of the book was very fast and because it was so fast it left any true character development in the dust. This book felt like a someone wanted to be over and done with it, rushing through scenes and emotions of the characters not being able to give true depth where it was needed. Hoyt writing is still top notch, and what truly kept me reading was her writing and the Cameo appearance of everyone from the earlier books and I thought she did a good job of showing whom the traitor was but again it was done very fast and lacked that kick to the end.Overall: for the avenge reader who thinks about picking this up, this is pretty much a skippable book, but for the die hard Hoyt fan or readers of the Four Soldiers series this ends up as just..okay and with a good ending for the Four Soldiers series.