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The Sergeant Major's Daughter - Sheila  Walsh If there’s one thing I love is a strong female lead. Strong, caring, kind with a big heart and a good head on her shoulders. And with The Sergeant Major's Daughter, I get that ten-fold with Felicity, whose parents have both died leaving her alone in the world with only a cousin she hardly knows to go to. Instead of being a gloomy cloud Felicity makes the best of it, with a guitar over her shoulder and a lot of love, she starts to change the people and places around her. Always butting head with Lord Stayne and sometimes getting her way. But Felicity wasn’t perfect, she had a her flaws and more often then not her big heart got her into some big”cringe worthy” trouble. This only made her more dogmatic into putting wrongs to right and fighting for what was right and protecting those around her. This doesn’t set well with Lord Stayne at all, Felicity’s cousin’s brother in law, is sarcastic, and ironic in his views, you the reader and Felicity sometimes don’t know what he’s thinking, but getting glimpses into his thoughts makes you start to see how his views of women’s places in the world, and other have changed because of Felicity. He’s smart and knows that Felicity is going to get herself in trouble and is the one the bail her out of the fire. While his views change so does his feelings toward Felicity and although both are in love with one another their not sure of their footing with everything going on around them. Thankfully, both finally let their hearts free and tell their feelings. Sheila Walsh not only had a way with her characters, she also had a way of showing the life of those whom followed the drum, how tough army life way and only one other author has even painted such a vivid detail of that way life. The story at times was harsh, but very real, with hope always blooming, and the pace of the book no trouble has I quickly read through the book in about a few sittings. There were a few things I didn’t care for was how it was glanced over when the villain of the story finally got his, I really wanted him to get the crap knocked out of him for what he did the Felicity and the school she was running at the local village, but this was pretty much passed over in telling which was a total bummer for me. Am I a vengeful person? Hell yes, I want to see some butt-kicking! kaythxbye! But the beauty of the story was the strength and hope Felicity brought with her and the blooming love between Lord Stayne and her.Overall: with vivid detail to army life, and a young woman bringing light and hope where there wasn’t before, I loved the story and it’s messages of hope and love.