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The Errant Bridegroom - Vanessa Gray With any story, it’s the characters that are the strongest link, in the Errant Bridegroom, the characters show more on the weaker side of the story. Both leads are very good, Corinna Darley having to run everything after her mother and step-father are not dead, and her stepsister is off in lala land with a local man who wants to marry the so called feather brain step sister for her money to pay off his debts. Corinna is a strong lead, but at times she missed what was eight under her nose. As she travels to Vienna so her sister can be put out into society by a bitcha of an aunt, Corinna is shocked when she finds out the one whom will be escorting them is none other then the man Corinna couldn’t forget in her one and only season: Justin Ferrington. Lord Lonsdale. Justin has just been back from war, and is still dealing with it’s aftereffects, when he’s forced by his cousin to escort her niece to her. When Justin meets Corinna he finds himself pulls toward her. Now this would have made the story perfect IMHO, as Corinna and Justin fall in love, while the scheming aunt tried to throw Justin and Corinna’s step-sister together. Sadly, there are to many scenes with Justin and Corinna are apart, making the parts between their meetings kinda boring. As Corinna has to take care of her dumb sister, her sister’s mean spirited suitor and her sister’s companion/governess that wasn’t to a good job of watching over the brat. While the story was enjoyable, there was just to much going on at times, when I wanted the focus to be less on the side characters and more on the main characters. Leaving you with a HEA for the main couple of course, but also leaving a few loose strings. Overall: a good afternoon or rainy day read, but needed more focus on the main dish (couple) instead of all the complex side dishes.