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The Earl and the Hoyden (Harlequin Historical Romance) - Mary Nichols With deep roots in the old traditional regency, The Earl and the Hoyden not only had a strong plot but was deeply character driven with two strong leads whom have some past issues that stand in their way, but some other past troubles they need to get over in order for their love to truly bloom. Mary Nichols shows the hardships women had to go through as they try to work in trade. Something that was vulgar for even a gentleman to be in, but a woman to even think about it was unheard of, and if a women came from this background or was apart of they were shun away. Miss Charlotte Cartwright is a strong woman, having grown up as the son her father never had, Charlotte has a harden shell but behind it, she’s a gentle soul whom cares deeply as hurts just as. I really adored Charlotte whom had many layers but hid her true self. Being raised by her father whom cared more about money and what he could get with it, he pretty much suppressed Charlotte’s gentle soul. This doesn’t kill it, but Charlotte learns to hide well, even when new Earl of Amerleigh, Roland Temple comes home from the war after his own father’s death. Roland was a wonderful hero, he and Charlotte needle each other a lot, this is mostly due to their own fathers whom have caused this rift. And Roland being a young man wanting to rebel against his father, says something very rude when he finds out he’s to marry Charlotte whom overhears these harsh words. Seven years later, Roland has become a man not a boy after his time in the army and has always regret the words of his boy self. Roland tries to reach out to help the village around him as there is unrest with many of the workers and coming home to find his estate in ruin and with lack of funds, Roland has a lot on his hands. He finds himself drawn to Charlotte as he chances glimpses of her true self, but she rebuffs him over again. The past stands between Roland and Charlotte, not only the land Charlotte’s father took from the old earl which has a great deal of lead making Charlotte rich. The harsh works of the young Roland come back to haunt the couple. This did give me some trouble through the story, both of them needle each other “a lot” and this got old. I wanted them to act like adults and talk, and the air could have been cleared quickly expect of their pride getting in the way. Through their hardships and learning to trust, both finally find out their heart are in tune and find the past have no hold on their future together.Overall: a beautifully written traditional regency, with two multilayered characters that draw you into their story as you watch them face their hardships and find a deep love in each other.....

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