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The Wicked Baron - Sarah Mallory, Melinda Hammond A quick little read, but was tied up with to many storylines going on at the same time. Well, not so much at the same time, but chopped into parts making it feel like two different stories. I really liked the first part of the book with Carlotta Durini meeting and falling in love with Luke Ainslowe. But when he overhears Carlotta’s uncle coming to collect her to give her a season, Luke thinks twice and leaves without saying a word to Carlotta wanting to remove his debts before her offers her marriage. This breaks Carlotta’s heart and when they meet again does she give the wrong impression to Luke thinking she only wants money in order to hurt him like he hurt her. This was petty bickering between the two and the flashbacks were cut in many times, making the pace lag a lot. Through a misunderstanding and them growing to understand one another would have made this book at least a 3.5 star book, until you reach the second part of the book where there’s a mystery going on whom is suddenly attacking Carlotta’s artist father. Then the story’s focus goes between Luke and Carlotta trying to figure out whom is behind this then just Carlotta and Luke getting to know one another. Something I never felt the author showed much of was the characters themselves. Both hurt each other and made up, love one another. They just felt to one-dimensional and this also kinda made me bored with the whole book.Overall: an easy and quick read, with not a lot to offer in characters but okay in story.