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Pink Parasol - Sheila Walsh A story with a simple premise, and a slow blossoming love between the gentle soul Lady Cecily Merton whom is shy and sometimes stammers when nervous and wants to help her father out of his debts by marrying and marrying well. With her godmother and her nephew’s help Cecily is put into society to catch herself a husband, only she already gave her heart to Mr. Marcus Anstruther. Marcus is a Corinthian well known in society and is asked by his aunt to help her godchild. With her air of innocent, Marcus is slowly drawn more to Cecily, with the added villain standing in their way they have to find in their hearts their new love for one another in order to help one another. The Pink Parasol was a cute and clean romance with two very different people whom find something in one another that brings out strength and kindness. Both leads were wonderful and I really enjoyed reading about their romance, while a tad on the slow side, you see how they’re drawn to one another slowly. Very cliche misunderstanding toward the end a the downer and dragged the story down. Still a wonderful romance.Overall: cute, clean and fun little romance all tied up with a great HEA!