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The Education of Miss Patterson - Marion Chesney As I started The Education of Miss Patterson, I started to have some doubts, I enjoy reading about heroines which are likable and relatable but when you first meet Miss. Patricia Patterson she’s a spoiled brat of sixteen, whose use to have it her way, when her hard guardian Lord Charles finally makes an appearance, he sees how spoiled she is and sets out to change her ways, getting her first a silly and somewhat vain governess pushing Patricia to the edge with all the sudden rules forced on her, has a fit of temper and throws a potted plant through the window aimed at her guardian. Lord Charles finally has enough and sends Patricia to America until she learns to grow up and Patricia vows revenge then and there on her wicked guardian. Two years later a proper miss and a beauty Patricia decides to get her revenge on Lord Charles and make him fall in love with her and then break his heart, only when she meets Lord Charles again, things have changed and Patricia is in danger of falling in love with her Lord Charles herself. I didn’t care for Patricia at first, I never felt any of her actions had any malice when she was sixteen, when she comes back from her long stay in America, you see her plan of revenge already falling apart as she finally sees Lord Charles as a man and not as a wicked guardian she thought him. Patricia truly grows up, and through the cracks in her armor you start to see the fun loving and kind woman emerge. Lord Charles at the same time starts to see the woman he thinks he wants to marry isn’t all she appears to be, from being very cold and not caring for anyone but herself, Patricia brings a light in Charles life he didn’t know he was lacking. Charles is caring and kind, and even admits him acting over the top when he first met Patricia instead of talking to her to make her understand that she needed to change. I really grew to enjoy both leads as they start to change, and start to see one another for whom they truly are and not what they first to appear to be. With the added “villains” to Charles fiancé to Patricia’s vain governess who is half way in love with Lord Charles when he showed her kindness in his concern for Patricia well-being. This governess was silly and vain to boot, and in her mind instead of helping Patricia grow up and understand her feelings, the governess became to hate Patricia, as Patricia and Charles grow closer. The other dumb villains only added to the story making it humorous. The villains were bumps in the road to the leads HEA, I still had some trouble with the pacing of the story. The real story didn’t start until about 50+ pages in, but this once again gave a good backstory to both leads and what happens when they meet again. As a reader I “grew” to care for the leads and didn’t care for either, but I felt this was a charm in the book that just drew you in more.Overall: a great romance story showing that first meetings are not all their cracked up to be and sometimes growing up, opens ones eyes to the world around us.