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Love in the Afternoon - Lisa Kleypas Like many readers, I’ve grown very attached to the Hathaways, each book brought me closer and closer to this crazy and loving family, that LK made me part of the family through each word and action from the first book to the last. Am sad to see the Hathaways series ending, but am happy each member found their own Happy Ever After and I was happy to be along for the ride. Through the Hathaways series we get to see Beatrix truly grow into her own, from a shy girl whose loves animals but is dealing with the lost of her parents and a demon in her kleptomania. Beatrix seem to have a great wisdom not only about animals but about people as well, that were more often then not very accurate. So when she learns of Captain Christopher Phelan, a somewhat string along suitor to her (mean) friend and a man Beatrix feels is arrogant to the extreme. Beatrix is surprised when she reads his heartfelt words of war. When her friend dismisses him and his boring letter, Beatrix takes it onto herself to write him back in her friend’s name, and this starts a love affair through letters between the two as they learn about on another. Beatrix knows deep down Christopher is not in love with her but her friend, and feels the pain of not telling him the truth and in a sudden burst of passion writes him a letter telling him , he’s not whom he thinks she is and to come and find her, and when the war finally ends, Beatrix has to deal with the truth of the letters and the healing of Christopher himself. I’ve always been a fan of Beatrix, her love of animals and her wisdom, drew me in. She shows this throughout the book of things she learned from animals and dealing and helping of Christopher and his dog Albert. Beatrix at times could be hard-headed but she also knew when to step back and see the bigger picture. This is what made Beatrix great her understanding of feelings, her own demons and her deep love is what healed not only healed the animals she cared for but healed Christopher and the demons he faced. Christopher does have a lot of demons her has to face, his PTSD that many soldiers still deal with today, but just a madness not spoken of in that time. Christopher doesn't know what's happen to him, but he knows he must find the light of a woman whom sent him the letters that kept him going. Christopher grew up, and grew up fast through the war. He was one into himself, but after he comes home things not only have changed greatly but none so much as he. With his brother’s death he becomes heir to the estate another blow ti Christopher fragile state of mind. Lost in a world where the demons rip at his very soul, Christopher finds himself drawn to Beatrix before he knows she’s the true sender of the letters. Christopher goes through a lot of healing, and it’s not one second he’s having troubles and the next he’s suddenly cure. It doesn’t work that way, and Christopher is shown the hell he has to fight through in order for him to keep going with Beatrix and Albert there every step of the way. I loved Christopher, he had slot of troubles, but he was deeply caring, protective and most of all deeply loving. When the truth comes out about the letters at first Christopher is mad, this doesn’t last long as he learns more about Beatrix. His love is so great for her, he scared to his very soul that he in one of his episodes may hurt her. He's willing to protect her even from himself. This doesn't work with Beatrix wanting to be with him though! Christopher cared deeply and sometimes even when doing the right thing it torn at his heart, this was the greatest strength of Christopher was his ability to care for others and this is put to the test by Beatrix and later a friend and ex-solider that needs his help. The love between Christopher and Beatrix could be so sweet, funny, sad and strong. While Beatrix heals Christopher's soul, he teaches her a few things about herself. The love between them was always hot, but never went over extremely hot or boiling, which I think felt better as they discover one another. They had a true equal relationship that blossomed to a true love. I loved this them and shed a few happy tears. A Hathaways book wouldn't be a true Hathaway book without little cameo appearances by the Hathaway family. Thankfully they didn't take over parts of the books, but helped it along and were there once again for one another in times of hardships and times of joy and laughter. The book zoomed by with quick pacing and lovable and memorable characters, although I do have to say there was a few loose ends that were not explained, this may well be a opening for a future series! I can only hope!Overall: a beautiful ending to a wonderful series, am sad to see end. I’am happy to see all the Hathaways finally finding all their Happy Ever Afters and was happy to have been and always will be part of the Hathaways family!