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Tempting a Proper Lady - Debra Mullins Don’t be fooled by the back blurb- which leads readers to believe there may be a love triangle - there isn’t, which was fine with me as am not fond of love triangle romances. What you do get is a great growing romances between two people whom been burned badly by love and have to take a chance on love again, while trying to stop one evil baddie along the way. With shades of the Count of Monte Cristo- Captain Samuel Breedlove (love his name btw) is an innocent man, left for dead- when he finds out his employer The Earl of Raventhorpe is into the slave trade, selling girls to the highest bidder, when Samuel finds out about this, he tries to put a stop to it only to be pushed off a cliff and left on a small island , not only does he live, he hits the jackpot on some hidden gold. Now two years later Samuel is out for revenge to stop Raventhorpe from evil dealings, but to stop the marriage between Raventhorpe and the woman Samuel was to marry and whom kept Samuel alive while stuck on the island. Things have changed greatly while Samuel has been away, his fiancee and her family whom felt was like the family he never have has turned their back on him- feed by lies by Raventhorpe. Samuel has a short amount of time to stop the marriage while fighting a deep and sudden attraction to the only woman whom can help him Mrs.Cilla Burke- the wedding planner. Samuel was your hero’s hero, he’s willing to go the extra length to do the right thing and stop the baddie. At the same time, he’s had his heart broken by a mother who had a string of lovers,- some whom were not kind to the young Samuel- never knowing his own father. Samuel felt at home with Baileys, poor framers before they became rich from finding a coal mind. It’s a big blow that the Baileys don’t believe him after all the years they know him, he still keeps pushing in order to save Annabelle Bailey from certain danger. While time spent away, Samuel became a different person and he soon sees that Annabelle as well. This nips in the butt the love triangle angle - he still wants to protect Annabella and the Baileys and with the help of his longtime friend (and the guy whom got his off the island) John Ready, and Cilla. Samuel doesn’t believe in love and has a hard time even thinking about it, so instead of embracing love Samuel tends to run away from it. While he cares, he never can bring himself to love, but Samuel has the ability to love and love greatly, and while he tries to keep his attraction and relationship with Cilla at just sexual or business, he soon sees that he can’t keep everyone at just arm’s length without his heart somehow involved and he feels a deep connection to Cilla whose had to own share of heartache and pain. Cilla married for love only to have her dreams shatters but a man whom only wanted her money to gamble. After the death of her husband, Cilla doesn’t want to rely on another man for her happiness again, so when she meets up with the Baileys she offers to help them deal with English ton and plan the wedding, she feels will start her one a new career as a wedding planner. Her plans go awry when Samuel Breedlove comes into the picture telling stories of almost being killed by Raventhorpe, not knowing whom to believe but seeing the deep pain in Samuel’s eyes after he tries to tell this to the Baileys, this starts to put doubts into Cilla mind making her seek the truth. When Samuel asks for her help, she sees her dreams of being a wedding planner going up in smoke, with her only opinion getting married again. With the attraction between her and Samuel red hot, she decides to have him teach her about men, starting an affair between the two that nether knew would lead to love. Cilla still believes in love unlike Samuel, being hurt by her husband has made her leery of men and maybe love. It’s her faith in love that makes Samuel see he’s able to love and it’s Samuel being truthful and up front with her that makes her trust and love again. Both Samuel and Cilla are kindred sprits in a lot of things and their relationship starts off with attraction, lots of heavy lust and finally love. Now I didn’t have any trouble with the leads. I really liked both leads and even Baileys whom were really good people but were blinded by an evil man. But they two have their blinders taken off. There was a lot of room to grow in TAPL, with humor and many side characters I hope get their own book later on in this series like John Ready with his past shaded in mystery and the highwayman Black Bill out to get even with Raventhorpe. The trouble I did have was the attraction between Samuel and Cilla while was hot (sometimes smoking!) I felt the true romance between the two was very slow going, I felt that between the two was just plain lust, more often then not. Although given the history of the two, it was given to understand why they were leery of getting into a true relationship with Samuel saying he wouldn’t be able to fall in love with Cilla and Cilla looking for a man whom would love just her. I wanted the “love” to come in a tad sooner. I also felt the villain was a tad OTT at times and two-dimensional, but he may get a little more smoothed out later in the series. (Cause am a bloodthirsty girl and want to see him get his! Heh!) Overall: My first time reading Debra Mullins and I really enjoyed her writing and her great characters. A amazing start to this series and looking forward to more!