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The Wedding Journey - Carla Kelly It’s always hard for me to put into words the emotions I feel while reading a Carla Kelly book, she’s able to pack so much into her books that I feel I can never due justice to her books with my review. But I try. Captain Jesse Randall is one of the surgeons to a mobile hospital Marching Hospital Number Eight, he’s treated many of soldiers, but through it all still retains a great shyness about himself, this shyness keeps him from saying or even showing his love for many years of the gentle and beautiful Elinore or Nell Mason. But outside forces and fate push these two together when Nell’s father a wastrel gets into a huge debt with the evil Major Bones and in order to pay the debt in full, Bones is asking for Nell. The Hospital number Eight quickly put their heads together and comes up with the money but a way for Nell to be protected from Major Bones forever and that is to web Jesse (whom all know by now is in love with Nell) Things go smoothly until Major Bones finds a way to on the retreat to leave the Marching behind without any help or protection from the french army bearing down upon them. It’ll take courage, a lot of luck as Jesse and Nell journey to safety while finding something stronger and amazing along the way...love. Carla Kelly heroes may not be the Alpha type male, with handsome looks and always know what to say, but for me I love and adore her heroes even more because their not all these things, their human, their men we may even know in our lives and that’s what made me fall so hard for Jesse , because he was very real. Jesse’s shyness made him at times hard to understand by others, while much of the book is told in his POV, you get an inside look into his mind and way of thinking that you may not see in other romances. Jesse is an amazing surgeon, while other freeze or cringe away, Jesse will do anything to help, going something beyond the call of duty ti help his fellow man even if their wearing the enemies uniform. Jesse becomes so wrapped up in the life of being a surgeon, he started to stop looking around at others, and seeing behind their masks. We all get wrapped up in or daily lives, or troubles and sadness, we sometimes just forget to enjoy the small joys in life. Jesse became so focus on his job, he started to live for it, with his only outlit was seeing Nell and helping others through their pains. Jesse had such a huge heart, and a kindness and a belief to do no harm to others, this way how he started to see the strength in others and in turn they gave him a unknown strength in himself as a leader he didn’t know he had in him. His great love for Nell was a beautiful thing, like the first flower blooming after the winter frost melts away, the beauty of it and the unbending strength in it, carried Nell through a lot of heartache she witness on their journey but the love from Nell to Jesse only made their bond that much stronger. To say I fell hard for Jesse would be an understatement, I loved and adored him and if he was truly real I give him a huge hug and watch him blush. There was a lot of heartache and pain as Nell, Jesse and their Motley Crew deal with a lot, but Carla Kelly has a way to show the bad of human nature and the very best of human nature. Nell was a strong woman, one not to buckle under pressure. Working with the Marching Hospital Number Eight for many years, as he feather wasted away money and added debts with only their mother to care for her and her brother, Nell grew up strong but not tough or unfeeling. Her kindness working with the wounded brought light into their pain filled world, and love in the heart of Jesse. Nell feels she owns a great debt to Jesse for him to marry her, a woman with really nothing she feels she can offer but heartache and a father who is a good for nothing. So she’s surprised at ever turn by Jesse and his actions, even when he sometimes says the wrong thing due to his shyness. Nell because Jesse’s rock at times, when he just needed to talk and she knew she could lean on Jesse when things got bad. Nell bloomed from a young woman not so sure of her standings to a woman who knew her worth and her heart. She was the other piece of Jesse as they made a whole. CKs books are always such a rich read, from the secondary characters, to even the villain there’s always a sort of realism to her books. Even through the hardships, their a lightness, a hope she always shows, through the interactions and humor that just makes you smile all just earn their place on your keeper shelf and your heart.Overall: I adore Carla Kelly works and may never be able to say how much I love her works, The Wedding Journey and Jesse just stole my heart within it’s amazing pages, and I couldn’t have been happier!