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Captured by Desire - Kira Morgan This was a fun adventure romance, with deep shades of Robin Hood plaster all over it. Some parts of the book did take some getting use to, but once this book picked up, it zoomed. Florie Gilder is on the run, after her heirloom was sold by accident, she asks for it back only it have the evil wife of the local sheriff rant and rave at her. With no other choices, Florie steals back the heirloom and goes on the run and perhaps by fate run into an archer whom happens to think she’s a deer and shoots her. Left hurt, and stuck in a church for forty days as sanctuary -while she heals, stuck with the handsome archer Rane MacAllister as her protector, Florie slowly opens up to Rane, but trouble looms ahead for the pair unless they use some quick thinking to save their blooming romance. Florie a well-known goldsmith, feisty, hard headed a woman whom stands on her own without help, is pretty much thrown into a corner when she steals back her heirloom that holds the key to whom her real father maybe. Since the moment Florie is shot by Rane’s arrow, she doesn’t really give him any slack. She doesn’t trust him (I mean come on he did shoot her!) and sees how everyone just seems to love him. She just wants to make it back home safe and sound before the sheriff and his evil wife find her. Which isn’t easy with Rane taking care of her. Florie was hard to like in the beginning of the book, she was on her high horse alot, and acted like the gold she had on her hands was more important. It takes some time for the reader to understand Florie, with the death of her mother leaving her alone with a foster father whom turned to drinking then helping his daughter with her own grief. Florie only had her goldsmith to keep her company. And being a woman, she was out to prove to other men goldsmiths she could be just as good as them. Florie also wanted to find her real father, to find her past and whom she was. As she starts to trust and fall in love with Rane, it’s very hard for her to even accept this, with some much unknown before her, and the men in her life haven’t really been good role models. With Rane she feels different and sees how much he loves and cares for those around him. And Florie doesn’t sit around; when she sees she wants Rane she goes for it with banners flying! So it’s no surprise her heart goes along with the plan. Rane MacAllister. Yes, it was a little odd as I started to read this book, knowing full well the hero and I shared the same name, but thankfully I got over it and sat back and enjoyed the book. Rane and Robin Hood were pretty much cut from the same cloth. All loved him, he protected the poor and he a true ladies man. So when he comes across the spitfire Florie, he knows he can’t touch her, but he just can’t seem to keep away from her, and when he’s put in charge of making sure she doesn’t escape as the sheriff’s best huntsman, Rane is torn with helping and loving Florie and doing his duty in order to keep supporting the local poor. Florie turns Rane on his head, where women fall over themselves; Florie would rather chunk him on his head. The banter and blooming romance between the two, is very cute, and the lengths Rane is willing to go for his lady love is just as sweet. Rane is a good hero, and just so Errol Flynn in Adventures of Robin Hood in Technicolor perfect! I prefer my heroes to have some flaws, and Rane does but none that really are change my life kinda flaws. He’s one smooth operator that’s for sure, and being reminded how many women he’s laid got on my nerves. Yes, he’s a ladies man, but I didn’t need to have a little yellow post-it-note on every other page telling me this. I could have done with him being kind to the poor PERIOD. Rane was a kind hero, and really did even out Florie who just needed someone in her darkest hour, and prove to her that not ever man is out to break her heart. With his wits and charm, he breaks down Florie’s walls, while I felt Rane learned a big dose of humble pie. Rane use to getting want he wanted, learned with Florie you can’t always have your cake and eat it to. So when the ladies man fell he fell hard, and how far he was willing to go in order to make sure Florie was safe, was wonderful and very sweet. The beginning of the book was well..slow. Now till Chapter 8 or 9 did it really start to pick up, which the romantic banter between Rane and Florie started to get good! The heat on this book was rate a medium. It’s not smokin’ hot but sweet and romantic, I mean making love in the forest under the starry night, how can that not be romantic? ( ..unless there was bears or they slept on a ant pile) After getting over this hump, the pace of this book really took off, and even the evil baddies made this story interesting in a time of unrest in Scotland but,in a period of time where our leads would be able to live happy ever after.Overall: a just down right fun adventure romance for those who love anything Robin Hood(ish) with two great, fun leads. Now, I wouldn’t mind a heroine that was named Rane, one who has auburn hair, loves to draw and paint…ya know..just saying…

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