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Lord Harry's Daughter - Evelyn Richardson I think ever reader as experience this before: the book your reading draws you in, you adore everything about it, and once you reach the end of this amazing book you will be ready to hop on your soap box and tell how much you love it.... But then you reach a point in the book, where it could either make or break it, and it turns out ...it breaks it. The book you so loved became a big let-down and you feel sorta.. cheated. That’s what happen to me with Lord Harry's Daughter, the writing, the characters, everything was on it’s way to becoming amazing keeper and then the author has to go and throw a monkey wrench into a perfectly wonderful story and cause the reader to stumble. But let me start from the beginning before everything went into the nearest handbasket. The heroine Sophia Featherstonaugh was the daughter of a reckless solider, whom truly didn’t care what happen to his daughter or wife as they followed the drum along with him. The harsh lessons Sophia learned from her childhood made her into the woman she is today, one whom doesn’t believe in empty promises. Sophia is an amazing artist able to capture the true nature of that or whom she paints. This gives you a greater insight to those whom come and go into her life and would later help her and Lord Mark Adair. I loved Sophia, with her thoughtfulness and her ability to see how people truly tick. She wasn’t raised as a English miss, but as a woman whom can stand on her own and get the job done. As the story progressed, you see the life she’s lead, that just pretty amazing. It took some time for Sophia to truly bloom and open up to Mark, but as they talked ( yes! really talked to one another) you start to see the sides Sophia tends to hide away. Lord Mark Adair is an exploring officer, being part spanish (by his mother)he’s able to find information as Wellington pushes the French forces back more in Spain. Mark doesn’t care for his job, he feels that being a spy is pretty low, but is willing to do his job. Cynical, Mark has see his fair share of women whom bait their eyelashes and want to ring him in, but Mark after the death of his mother, whose light went out by an overbearing husband and father to Mark. Mark really doesn’t want anything to do with marriage at the moment. So when he meets Sophia he’s draw to her, with her matter of fact personality. Mark and Sophia start a deep friendship (not romantic but friendship) that blooms through the troubles they must face as the British army slowly fights it’s way through Spain. I enjoyed the slow moving relationship that started between Mark and Sophia, like planting a tree and taking care of it, and watching it grow into something beautiful. You see them talk, and laugh and cry and open up to one another, like finding they other side you didn’t know you were missing until you met the person. I know this is going to become a rant so fair warning..[RANT/VENT] Everything was going great, and somehow the author thought a forced conflict would be perfect. Enter Diane, the Condesa de Gonsalvo y Coruna (blahblahblah) The Condesa is beautiful “French” widow and soon her and Mark have an affair. Now this was an odd pill to be given. Mark whom says time and again how he hates women whom flirt, bat their eyelashes at a man and all round women of society falls so quickly and easily under the Condesa’s thumb. Yeah, I’ve read before how the hero has sex with someone other then the heroine, and it didn’t bug me in these cases maybe because the hero was running away from his feelings or didn’t think he stood a chance with heroine or his heart was broken when him and heroine broke up, and the hero was thinking of the heroine at the time when having sex and more often then not hated it, regretted it, or didn’t find anything pleasurable in the act. Alright, I’ll bite- Mark wanted a booty call (as him and Sophia are still just” friends”) But it felt odd how Mark just went with the flow and didn’t question when the Condesa started asking pointed questions about troop movement etc Sophia, knew the Condesa couldn’t be trusted and Mark tells her she’s jealous! JEALOUS!? For realz!? Mark is a spy, and suppose to be a damn good on, able to find information on anyone, the chick he’s having sex with is French asking this questions...He should have stopped thinking with his “other head” and been a spy and did his duty! This was so out of character for him. The kicker was when he finds out the truth that the Condesa has been telling everything to her French Lover, he wonders why she did everything for her French lover, did she think her lover was more handsome then Mark or a better lover? *gags* He can’t even man up to tell how sorry he was to Sophia whom knew all along, until days later, and by then he kisses her madly and leaves. They meet up again in London and Mark does this odd back and forth does he want Sophia or not, back and forth this goes. By this time I just wanted it to end, and the ending felt so rushed, I knew Sophia loved Mark- but I felt Mark kept beating around the bush instead of telling Sophia how he felt and when he does it felt very rushed..... The End [/END RANT/VENT] The first chapters of this book were so sweet, and by the end I didn’t know if I was reading the same book. I really loved the author’s writing style, but was bummed and how she played out the rest of this book.Overall: started off great and ended in a flop, I can’t recommed this to anyone as I felt cheated by it and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way I still may check out more of this author’s backlist..later...much much much later, and not before I do some more research on the book am buying!