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Sunrise Over Texas - M.J. Fredrick In recent years the historical western has become a dying breed, due to largely the boom of the regency romance and other genes. But slowly and surely the western romance is finally making it’s come back. In great style MJ Fredrick brings the reader a great western romance set in the untamed Texas frontier with two people whom have lost greatly but still cling to life. The fated meeting between Trace Waston and Katherine (Kit) Barclay, opens a lot of wounds between the two, but also heals with a love that takes with both for surprise. Trace and Kit both lost their spouses and children, deal with the guilt of falling in love again. While they have a strong attraction to one another, they try to keep their hearts out of it. With Kit her sister-in-law and mother-in-law stuck alone in a fort. One day Kit sees a lone rider fall off his horse and finds him very sick. As Kit nurses Trace back to health, Trace decides to repay the kindness by getting them out of there. The journey before and during and even after isn’t pretty, but on the side of realism. The journey had it surprises, but it’s Kit and Trace’s strength that keep everything together. It did feel a little odd how quickly both seem to just fall into bed and love with one another, while the love scenes were romantic, I felt that only a few months of both their spouses being buried, but in truth, I felt it very sad, how they both long for the comfort of another, and in each other a sort of kindred spirit was seen. As they learn about one another you see more of “why” they have fallen in love with the other, not that they don’t fight it and later embrace it, but much like the untamed west, there’s also a surprise that tests the new love between Kit and Trace. The surprise finally lays the ghosts of Kit’s past to rest while raising old and new ones for Trace. I love both leads and their strengths, Kit was a strong woman whom while other would have broke, she just got stronger, and her strength shows in greater strength toward the end where Trace fears overcome his sense! Trace was kind and gentle and sometimes had to push Kit and little to get her moving, but it seemed the strong Trace took a small vacation toward the end of the book when Kit comes back into his life with a small surprise of her own. Instead of being the great man we came to knew in the story Trace became chicken shit an idiot and started to run away from Kit instead of toward her to help fight his fears. This brought down my overall enjoyment of the story, but thankfully the author doesn’t drag it out to the bitter end, and give the reader and nice little epilogue to tie up everything nicely, with Kit and Trace finally moving on with their life. Overall: an enjoyable read with great leads and a setting that I think will appeal to many whom long for those old western romance, a new author to be on the look out for!