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Shaken - Dee Tenorio Grief can change our lives, making one fall into great a depression to fighting against it, fighting the tears that tear at one’s heart. While grief is a strong emotion, only through can we able to truly heal from our lost. Dee Tenorio gives the reader a big emotional wallop with Shaken. Something I look for in my short stories. If I don’t feel a sort of connection to the characters or story- in the end no matter how much great orgasmic sex there is, I won’t care for the book. Shaken may have been only 49 pages (pdf format) but it held me spellbound, while tearing at my heart strings as the story unfolded between Dr.Grant Sullivan and his soon to not-be wife Juila. After the tragic lost of their daughter in a car accident, Juila reached toward Grant, and while he held her, she still felt there was a huge wall she couldn’t overcome between them. Now at the end of her rope, Juila has decided to file for divorce even when it tears both Grant and Juila’s heart out. Events give both a chance to overcome their and see their differences and see how much they’re still in love with each other, when stuck in an elevator with only the two of them, gives them the chance to lay it all on the table, with no chance of running away. Everything, even the sex played a major role in this story and how effected the characters and their interactions and feelings toward one another, for Juila whom found herself at a lost as to why Grant never mourned for their daughter, but found pleasure in his arms, felt alone and hurt as to why Grant wouldn’t share his grief with her, this lead to other thoughts that he never truly loved her or their daughter. What she didn’t see was Grant hid his grief behind a wall, blaming himself for their daughter’s death, as he was driving and being a doctor still felt helpless, seeing that he could save others lives, why couldn’t save his daughter’s life. This story had me crying when the walls finally break down for Juila and Grant. Finally letting go of the ghosts that haunted them, and finally embracing their grief as the same time making the first step to healing. DT did an excellent job in my eyes and how we all deal with grief in different ways, and the unimaginable thought of losing one’s child. I think the hardest part for both characters was the letting go and the acceptation of their daughter’s death and being able to start healing. There was also a wonderful epilogue that still showed Juila and Grant still going over a few hurdles, but their working it out together and finally stop looking back and finally living in the present and going forward.