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Scoundrel - Zoe Archer I didn’t think it would be possible for this series to get any better, but Zoe Archer proved me wrong with Scoundrel. Everything that made Warrior great only made Scoundrel better. The more ZA builds this world of The Blades of the Rose; the need to want to know more just keeps growing. This time around the setting is Greece and their islands, while it didn’t go as in depth as Warrior did in the culture, it turned out to be done very well, with most of the story revolving around island jumping and the rag tag team racing against time and the evil Heirs in order to protect the magical Source. As the world of The Blades of the Rose grows with each book, we learned more about types of magical Sources, because of the ancient language that surrounds the recent Source, Lord Edgeworth and the heris go against their own rules to involved women in their matters-asks London Edgeworth Harcourt her help decode some artifacts, London is the dark of what her father and the Heirs are really about, until she runs into Bennett Day and the Blades, whom turn her world around and open her eyes to more then magic. I’ll be honest, I didn’t total care for London when I first read about her. She seem smart but stuck in a golden cage, slowly though I grew to really love her, and her enjoyment of just being free and life away from under her father’s thumb. London truly blossom into a strong woman no scared of life, but willing to embrace everything that came her way. Bennett Day, ah be still my beating heart. Bennett Day just gone and stole my heart! Bennett is a Scoundrel, a pain in the butt and just a lot of fun, and if you don’t fall in love with him, well there’s no doubt, he’ll have you head over heels for him in no time. The glimpse we got of him in Warrior was just a piece of the daredevil, who loves adventure, protecting magical sources and the ladies, and if his missions leads him to have all three, well good for him! Bennett wasn’t some torture hero, loved life and everything it held. At times this made him a little shallow with his feelings toward women, but that was Bennett and when he finally gives his heart, he gives his fully and wholehearted. It’s really cute and sexy how hard both London and Bennett fall for one another, both even each other out, Bennett gives London the freedom and acceptance she always craved, while London grounds Bennett and gives him the steady rock in the world whirl he may get stuck in. The secondary romance also gave us another view of a growing romance between Athena a witch and Kallus the captain of their small boat. The only really slip I had with the book is how quickly London went from hate to love for Bennett whom was a suppose foe of the heirs and her family. This was just a blip in overall amazing book, and really just overlooked it and continued to enjoy this book. The story moves quickly with London dealing with her father’s actions and Bennett dealing with his new found love for London, with the action and the yummy sexy parts keeping the reader wondering what’s going to happen next, and ZA does an amazing job of keeping the reader guessing. ZA wraps up everything so nicely with the evil guys getting theirs and how the Blades win another battle, but there’s still some battles left to fight, leaving the reader waiting and wanting the next book as quickly as possible! I know for a fact this Blade of the Rose fangirl can’t wait for the next installment to this amazing series!