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First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones Charley Davidson is a PI, a smart ass oh and did I happen to mention a grim reaper? But forget about all you know about what you “think” a grim reaper is or better yet what the grim reaper looks like. Charley is a portal of sorts, able to help those restless souls left on this side, and when a soul comes to her that may need more the help crossing, Charley’s PI skills come in hand as a sudden case brings not one but three dead lawyers to her doorstep. To makes matters a little more odd, she’s having hot dreams of this guy she met years ago, a black blur is stalking her and this is all in a day’s work for Charley, with a side dish of sarcasm on the side! For a debut novel of Darynda Jones, this was a total blast to read! It had me laughing with some of the remarks and thoughts of Charley. I will admit at first Charley didn’t have a lot of depth to her, oh, she was a total funny smart ass, but being a smart ass can only take you so far, and I wanted more of Charley and the glimpses we get of true feeling, behind her cover. Slowly, Charley started to show your true self, the way she hides herself behind every smartass remark as a defensive against the hurt she’s had to deal with all her life for being able to see ghosts. Charley’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses, but she doesn’t let that get her down, she takes everything pretty much in stride. Then again it doesn’t hurt to have a protector watching your back either. A mix of sarcasm, ghost whisperer and CSI types of cases, the main case of the three dead lawyers have you along with Charley trying to put all the pieces together, even with the dead lawyers help, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions, and some surprising outcomes. I enjoyed this case, and wished DJ spent a little more time on this case. There was a lack of balance but not plot between cases. The other case has Charley tracking down her mysterious guy haunting her dreams. This added the romance into this book (I mean it’s suppose to be a PNR book after all) DJ gave the reader a taste of the building relationship between Charley and Reyes Farrow, but adds a little mix into it with another guy Garret, a skiptracer whose trying to understand about Charley’s gift. As Charley finds out more about Reyes tough childhood, leads her and the reader to many surprises along the way. The relationship is smoking hot between the two, and being the person I’am- I wanted more MORE! This debut is an amazing start for this new series, with fireworks shooting in the sky and a big dab of sarcasm and smartass remarks free of charge and free to enjoy!