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Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypas With any Lisa Kleypas book, I know am going to be in for an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. With Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, I didn’t feel the great dynamic story that LK is know for, bur this was a sweet, oh so googey Christmas story. That was very simple in it’s message if not a tad short on the building of relationship between Mark Nolan and Maggie Conroy. Both have hard their hard knocks in life, with losses that have affected how they interact with others, and how they keep everyone at arm’s length. Until Mark’s sister dies in an accident and leaves Holly her daughter and his niece in his care. Mark doesn’t know the first thing about child care of raising, and with the shock of her mother’s death, leaves Holly not talking. Mark is just trying is best to settle in some sort of normal life for Holly with the help of his younger brother Sam and sometime help of other brother Alex, Mark is still at a lost, until he meets Maggie, whom brings true magic into both Mark’s and Holly’s lives. Maggie has been dealing with her own lost, but still feels alone even with her whole family. She’s scared of getting involved in Mark and Holly’s lives, but slowly her heart is won over and healed by love. Very sweet Christmas story, and pretty short. I felt if it was a tad longer, it would have given the reader a chance to really get a deeper depth in the growing relationship between Mark and Maggie. Their relationship really runs full steam ahead toward the end, making it feel a little rushed. The joy of the book was the Nolan brothers interactions between one another and the bomb Thanksgiving dinner, had me smiling! Holly was a sweet kid, and her wish for Christmas and the magic of the season was very touching. Short and Sweet, and just right for this time of year, I look forward to reading more of the Nolan brothers.