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Rebel - Zoe Archer Zoe Archer has a way of showing the reader not only the settings but reflecting them in the books, from the Indian Jones desert feeling in the Warrior to the topical fun island hopping of the Scoundrel to the harsh dense wildness of Rebel. Rebel is much darker then the two earlier books with the setting a cold, amazing and vast frontier of Canada. Making the magic so pronounced in the BOTR world feel like a wolf watching from the shadows, waiting …. Nathan Lesperance and Astrid Bramfield meet in this setting, and like a moth to a flame, both feel a powerful draw to each other. Astrid has turned her back on her old life after the death of her husband, just living day to day, she feels the cold shell she’s encased herself in slowly melting away when Nathan walks into her life. Nathan is a Native attorney, caught in between two worlds, not truly belonging to either, but feeling that he’s finally come home when he steps foot at the edge of civilization in this cold frontier, no more so then when he meets Astrid and feels a deep connection. When the Heirs come to the frontier looking for information, they sense a magic that embraces Nathan somehow, and it’s up to both Astrid and Nathan to find out what the Heirs are planning and stop them before it’s to late. Rebel may have been on the darker side; there was nothing dark or cold between Nathan and Astrid. From the moment both meet, the heat is on between them! While Nathan embraces the connection between the two wanting to know more about himself and Astrid, Astrid fights it tooth and nail. After losing the man she loved, but more importantly not being able to protect and help him, Astrid has shut down everything, and has just “lived”. Nathan may have acted sort of Alpha male sometimes, but it never got on my nerves like other characters. He was caring and loving, strong, but he knew when fight and when to back away, and respected Astrid deeply, trusted her knowledge of the wilderness. The best thing I felt about Nathan was while Astrid built a wall around herself after her lost, Nathan kept going, and started knocking down the wall Astrid built one brick at a time. By his own life he’s lived, he made Astrid take a step back and see what her grief has done to those around her. It was hard to warm up to Astrid, and it took sometime for me, her one step forward, two steps back way of doing things go on my nerves. I understood where she was coming from, for anyone whom has lost a love one, we all can understand and relate to her, but I felt she was just to selfish, not talking to everyone whom loved her for years and whom grieved for her. That was pretty low, and she wasn’t the only one whom lost somehow she cared about. This is the front she keeps using to try and keep Nathan at arms length and Nathan being the great guy he is, pushes her to see her mistake. Astrid more so then Nathan is the one whom has a lot of healing to do, and coming to terms with her past and finally letting go. Cause between Nathan and Astrid, their relationship is smokin’ hot, whew! I’m surprised the ice didn’t melt off the mountaintops when these two got together! ZA makes the couples of the BOTR world, fit so right together. And Nathan and Astrid are like two pieces of the puzzle, being alike but different, and while Astrid make their relationship a tad slow at times, their were amazing when they finally got together, said their I Love Yous and kicked some Heirs butt! Even in a different setting, ZA doesn’t miss a beat with Rebel. The story just keeps you reading, with more unfolding of the Heirs plans of trying to take over the world’s magic. With a few new and old characters being introduced- Catullus Graves the true keystone of the BOTR series helps Astrid and Nathan with their mission, while being his kick-ass self, and showing a new cool invention! I really can’t wait to read his story, as the more you read about him, the more you have to and want to know more about him. Rebel leaves the reader with a little taste of what’s to come for his story and the new book! The Blades of the Rose series, just keeps on this amazing reading ride, that I don’t wanna see end! I gobble up each book with Rebel being no exception (stayed up late into the night reading!) and it just leaves me loving the series and just wanting more and Rebel just added more to this amazing series that I can’t get enough of!