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Stormy Serenade - Suzanne Michelle Like many readers, it’s always that hidden find that really makes our day, that one book you happen to see tucked in the back of some old dusty bookshelf or in an old box at a used bookstore. For me in was an old box that has piles of old Silhouette Desire’s and being the shallow person I am, I though the covermodel sporting the lumberjack beard was pretty funny (I like my man with a little five o’clock shadow FYI) and the back blub didn’t make the book sound half bad. This story even with it’s somewhat dated outfits and terms really rang true today with some things couples still have to deal with today. I enjoyed sitting down to read this little gem. The first time Kiki lays eyes on Stoney Blue, she feels herself draw to him, and she doesn’t even know him twenty-four hours and already feels that he holds her very heart in his hands. But Kiki still has a job to do, and as a top photographer, she needs to get a real sense of who this country singing sensation truly is, but her feelings and her heart just keep getting in the way, and she must decide what she wants more her job or the man of her dreams. Many working couples have to do a balancing act between their careers and their relationship- it’s not an easy road to take, but with alotta work it can happen. Kiki and Stoney both have careers they love, and that are taking them to the top, but Kiki feels it’s just not right with Stoney thinking every second with Kiki is worth it. Kiki is a go-getter and had some off and on again relationships in her time, but none have affected her as deeply as when she’s with Stoney, his gentle eyes and humor just makes her happy to be near him. At the same time Kiki is having major doubts that their careers will get in the way of their relationship, and Kiki doesn’t want to see the love between her and Stoney go down in flames. While in third-person all the story takes place in Kiki’s shoes, Kiki is the older of the two, something rare and mostly unheard of in old-school novels, she feels this gives her a leg up on the growing relationship between her and Stoney, of course she’s WRONG! Kiki needs herself to do a little growing up and learning to balance between her love and her work. Through her eyes you see how sweet and kind Stoney is, and those two really light the sheets! I loved both characters as their relationship is almost like love at first sight and just grows from there. Stoney is very open about himself and his music, and very easy going, that doesn’t mean he won’t fight for what he wants and he wants Kiki forever! Kiki and Stoney get to know one another and as they deal with their bumps in the road. The story has an easy pace to it, which was like one of Stoney’s smooth western songs. I did wish that Stoney and Kiki spent a little more time getting to know one another then hitting the sheets, while not graphic at all, how many times they made love kinda made the story lose it’s pacing. Kiki also gave me a headache at the end, as she ran away instead of working out her fears for the relationship. She knew her doubts were uncalled for, but thankfully Stoney broke down those walls for her to see all would be okay- if you believe in love! A nice little hidden gem, I’m very happy to have picked up, I’ll be on the look-out for more of this author’s backlist- and hey, lumberjack beards are sexy to!!