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Ain't Misbehaving - Jennifer Greene This was a sweet and down right adorable read, that I found out was a reissue with a few modern updates (clothing and etc) with a alpha male whom has a big secret that makes him very vulnerable to the lady his love, and a woman whom finds the man of her dreams but fears she doesn’t really know him at all. The book pretty much starts off at a run and doesn’t let up, Mitch and Kay run into each other as they visit children in the hospital, Kay is at awed as Mitch’s take-charge but finds his stand-off attitude about himself like a brick wall in the middle of the highway. Mitch goes in and out of Kay’s life leaving more questions then answers behind. Even when they start a hot relationship, there are still a few walls around Mitch that Kay is afraid she’ll never be able to get around. Mitch is drawn to Kay, but has a few insecurities that keep him from moving the relationship to the next level. Although being around Kay, Mitch is having a really hard time keeping his hands to himself, leaving him wanting to throw caution to the wind and carry Kay away! The problem that Mitch faces is one that is pretty much unheard of even today in romance novels (note: it isn’t a bad problem or a sexual cootie/trouble) so I thought it was really sweet and this big tough alpha male is shown this great hurdle he has to go through to show how much he wants to be with Kay. I thought this book was pretty cleaver making the shoe on the other foot for a change. Plus, Mitch and his over-caring were pretty cute and sweet. Kay would be someone I love to have as a friend, she really saw deep but she wasn’t perfect and even suffered from her own doubts about the growing relationship between her and Mitch, she had her bumps in the past, that didn’t rule her fear, but the maybes or the what ifs. The true problem I had with the whole story was the lack of Mitch and Kay talking it out, letting one another know what was troubling them. When your in a relationship your partner is not a freakin’ mindreader, you got to talk it out! Simple as that! It’s that I didn’t understand where were coming from as their insecurities did have some base in fact, but they were adults and really needed to talk it out between each other, would have saved some grief but would have lacked drama. Hmmm~ This was a great curl-up novel to pass the cold day with or just sit out to enjoy the sunshine, it was fast paced and cute with a mild sensual feel to it, a prefect moderm romance!