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The Wedding of the Century & Other Stories - Kristin James, Charlotte Featherstone, Mary Jo Putney When I first started to read this anthology, I kept getting this feeling that I read this somewhere, and after reading another GR friends comment, I dawned on me I have read the first two of the stories! The Wedding of the Century by Mary Jo Putney gives a new takes on an old tragic story, but this time with a true happy ever after. 4 Stars Jesse's wife by Kristin James was very sweet, and it was fun to revist. I did get a tad bored toward the ending. 3 Stars Seduced by Twilight by Charlotte Featherstone is the true reason I did pick this up. With the chance to re-visit characters from two of her other and two of my favorite books- Addicted & Sinful. Jase (Anais and Lindsay son-Addicted) has been in love with Blossom (Matt and Jane Daughter-Sinful) but when Blossom and his brother Samuel become engaged, Jase can't stick around and see his heart ripped to shreds, and leaves. Until one day he receives a message that will change his life- Samuel has married another and Blossom is free. Jase decides then and there this is his chance to finally win his lady love...expect his has to prove himself to her. Blossom had a crush on Jase, but when she hears rakish rumors about Jase that make her step back and thank her lucky stars she didn't get engaged to him, but when Samuel breaks off their engagement, Blossom wants to have a man whom will accept her for herself, with firey love she has seen her parents share. She never expected it be Jase whom would ignite these feelings. This was a super sweet and sexy story. You see a little bit of the parents in their offsprings, with Jase being the passionate go-getter, and Blossom a dreamer, but kinda holding it in until she's able to find someone to open her shell. It hit the right spot, and it was very beautiful to see all these wonderful characters again. 4 Stars Jace ;D :