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Airborne (Airborne Saga, #1) - Constance Sharper Indie books have it harder in the grand scheme of book publishing as they have to rely much on the reader reviews and the work they publish and how good it is without having the help of editors or big name publisher backing them up. But when you find that beautiful gem of a self pub you feel like your holding that winning ticket in your hand and with Airborne by Constance Sharper- I felt like I won the lotto baby! I was truly in awed by how great the whole story was, the action was nonstop with a ton of surprises-which I was surprised could fit into this book! The true beauty of the book was the use of harpies plus of course some royal scandals and mysteries. The author focus on this one race which I find very refreshing and enjoyable. I know authors who can put a ton of different races in their books and pull it off, but I love when an author put their own spin on one race and grow from there. Sharper does just that with the new evolved harpies who still favor harpies with their tall height, and slim bodies and look very human but have wings and are pretty much like harpies in personality wise (tempers, and pain in the butts!) Sharper also creates a great heroine in Avery. Avery is my favorite type of heroine. She's not some badass but can pull her weight and fight when the time comes, and there's not some big prophecy about her, she just happen by fate or dumb luck to pick up an magical amulet and this magic is adsorb into her. This leads to those who are after the magic- are now after her. Avery is smart, caring and loyal but still very much a teen, she doesn't go looking for trouble, but trouble just seems to find her and she rather be somewhere else, but the beauty of Avery is she knows when to make her stand and when to stand down. Avery deals with everything pretty much like anyone thrown into a situation would maybe act, with a strong bit of maturity to use her head when things get out of control. The one trouble I did have overall with this book, was much Avery got hurt! The poor girl was falling, being dropped and getting her butt kicked alot, and like the energizer bunny this girl seems to just keep getting up, the magic in her veins the only thing keeping her from just keeling over. Poor girl *hugs her* On the flip side we have Mason, who was at times was mule headed, a short temper but loyal to a fault and trust the wrong people. Mason may have been a royal pain in the butt at times. I really grew to like him. He made some major mistakes, but he was willing to protect Avery with his life and it's so cute how he loves to tease Avery to the point of making her beet red. He tries to fix things even when he knew things weren't going to be truly fixable. Mason still has alot on his shoulders with getting the magical amulet back, as it belong to his father the Prince. There's alot behind Mason and choices he makes made me cringe, but at the same time I could see where it was just trusting the wrong person, something I think we all done before and regret. Mason and Avery's relationship isn't clean cut or even love at first sight as Mason is already in love with another harpy and really underlines crazy girlfriend Now I hate, HATE love triangles, but CS does a great job of showing the pull between both worlds and both girls and the lengths both would go to do what is or what they think is morally right. Avery and Mason still have a long way to go, but the growth between the two is wonderfully done, you just know their road may be hard but well worth the journey! I just adored this story and can't get enough of the Airborne world and quickly picked up the second of this series. Constance Sharper shows and proved what an amazing author she is ,a bright and rising star in the indie YA books scene. Airborne SagaAirborne #1Grounded#2Windswept #3 (out in 2012)