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Substitute Wife - Rachel Lindsay As far as Adam was concerned, thir marriage was a buinesslife arrangment. Both had suffered the pain of rejection, and both had vowed to avoid any future emotional ties or commitment. "Our marriage stands a better chance of succeeding than one blinded by passion," he had claimed, and his logic had convinced Julia. But somewhere along the way she fell in love with him and, knowing he could never return her feelings, was forced to act out a role that contradicted her loving nature. After being stood up by her soon to be husband, Juila is asked by her boss to be his wife. Adam has thought to be in love with his long time client's wife for many years, but after she chooses money over him decided to cut his loses and marry instead for appearances in order to not look weak in front of others and decides on his long time employee Juila. What I loved about this old Harlequin was how two people unlikely find love in each other, seeing the people who they thought they love, really were in the end. Rachel Lindsay drags it out till the end, but it's well worth it