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The Prodigal Hero (Signet Regency Romance) - Nancy Butler There's just something I really adore about road romances. Perhaps, because of the situation it tosses the characters together where their force and able to work out their problems and giving the reader some nice tension between the leads! A opportunity to clean his name or perhaps get a little revenge from the family that cost him his good name and dreams, MacHeath fouls a plan of abduction of his former employer. The once wild girl he remembers from his past has changed to a interesting woman one that's about his once again change his life again. After another dismal season, Alexa is fed up and wants to just go home and help her father run his shipyard like she's wanted. Only a highwayman abducts her with a story of preventing her own cousin to ruin her! Only when the truth of who MacHeath truly is and the path their both willing to take to make amends and risk their hearts. Nancy Butler once again won me over with her great characters, both have their troubled pasts, but still maintain a code of honor MacHeath is a man whose been done wrong and been knocked down and yet withholds a sense of honor that makes him go out on a limb to help Alexa. Alexa has been forced into the ton, and place she finds shallow and cold. She wants to help run the shipyard along side her father. Both have blocked off emotions because of their disappointed in life and it takes some shaking up on both sides to make them see that just going through the day and being pissed at the world isn't living any kind of life. The story moves along very smoothly with a few hiccups along, dealing with the evil cousin and their own emotions. I did think honor and pride of MacHeath did get in the way and drag the ending, it still was such a fun regency road romance. Making yet another winner by Nancy Butler.