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The Counterfeit Coachman - Elisabeth Fairchild There’s a few things I can always count on when it comes to a Elisabeth Fairchild novels- their always character driven, while not seen so much now of days, her characters are strong enough to pull it off. Another is not only her way with words, but her deep story she lays out for the reader. In Counterfeit Coachman EF shows how the characters deal with their lost of fortune to the responsibility that comes with it. To being rich in wealth and being rich in love. Beauford and Nell share a common sad bond of the recent lost of their fathers, whom meant so much in their lives. While on one side Beau feels the weight of his new fortune and title, with his stutter that turns women away or to pity him, while his wealth draws them near. Beau doesn’t want to just be judge on his status, so in a sudden idea, he decides to get away by becoming a common coachman, this has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One that instead of turning Beau off, makes him learn more from. The good that can come from wealth and doing right by it, but that not everyone will judge him by just his wealth but by the great man he is. Beau is my type of hero whom I just love, he has a great strength within him, but also a great kindness that almost feels like poetry in motion when he falls in love. Nell on the other side, is dealing with the great lost of wealth after her father’s death and having her sisters and mother to take care of. Nell truly believe in love, but at the same time, is dealing with being let down by her father whom said he would take care of his family, and that she may have to marry up then marry for love. She’s caught in this web when she starts to fall in love with Beau whom she thinks is just a common coachman. She loves Beau for himself, but because she has her family to think of, knows she can’t be with him. Nell had a lot of heart, had a quick wit, but felt had a responsibility more to her family then to her heart. Which I felt was on the mark due to the period of history. While Nell’s character did waver a tad toward the middle of the book, it was just another side the reader was given as she has to fight a lot of feelings between her heart and her head. The interactions even when there wasn’t much to say really spoke volumes, of how each of the characters were dealing with their new found love for one another. It also showed how strong each character felt about their said love when Nell finding the truth while hurt didn’t just fall into Beau’s lap. She felt hurt by being lied to, but also felt she be a hypocrite because of the choice she made. I wanted to shake her as she moped around, but knew deep down, I do the same thing. Would I be any better going back on my word because things would be different for me? More Money? No. I couldn’t fault Nell for her choice. But at the same time, she needed her own time, and a little push for her to see it wasn’t about riches but about whom the person you love that matter. I’ve always found character whom stutter very endearing to me as a reader, but I noticed that others author always seems to have a magical cure-all for the character as the story goes on. There is no such cure-all for Beau, he still stutters, but I never just saw his stutter, but saw him, which in the end made me love him all the more, and giving the reader a more realist feel to this already great book. EF has a way with her characters that they can not only show great strengths and weakness much relate to the reader it many ways.