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The Kindness of a Rogue - Nancy Butler A great mystery, a delicious romance with a strong plot makes 'The Kindness of a Rogue' such a treat to read. Miss Sara Cobb is on her way to become the new governess Tregallion House, when a stranger on her coach warns her to turn back or beware. Whle she pays no heed to his warning she's still intrigued by the handsome rouge.. Rumors swirl around Grenville Martyn, whose not welcome on Tregallion House. A well known poacher is not his only crime but supposedly he seduced and tossed away the eldest daughter of the Brashear. Sara is at odds with hearsay and what she witness with her own eyes when she's with Gren. And she's going to have to trust insight and the growing attraction and affection that is growing between the two when trouble comes a-calling and Gren and Sara must work together to put a stop to it. Butler adds a dash of this and a dash of that to make the right recipe for a completely entraining read. The most appealing was the lack of titled leads. Making them their avenge people who he stuck trying to figure out some shady business of young girls disappearing that is going around the Tregallion home. Sara and Glen can be both stubborn, while Glen doesn't want Sara involved at all and at first can come across as what the hearsay said about him. Of course he's no where near as a near-doer but kind and caring whose searching for a place to belong. Sara knocks down each brick in the wall around Glen's heart. Sara has always been contained and with a life as a governess can be at times bleak. She finds a love and freedom with Glen. The romance is at times sweet and the urge to knock some sense into them just added to the spice. The side characters were fleshed out enough to add to the story even the villains. The trouble I had with a whole of the book was the epilogue. Now I love me a good epilogue, this one felt like it was added on and took away from the HEA. My suggestion to anyone that picks this up: before the last chapter, read the epilogue first then go back and read the last chapter. That way it feels like it ends on a happier note. Nancy Butler's books are always a fun journey that any reader will love to travel and enjoy!