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The Duke and I - Julia Quinn Ah my Gentle Reader, this Reviewer is pleased to report, that one cannot argue against; I loved this book. It was fun to read about Simon and Daphne finding each other through angry brothers, duels, crazy marriage mind mamas and a few misunderstandings along the way. The banter between the was laugh out loud funny as were some of the arguments . Simon was a great hero, dealing with his past and the treatment his father dealt him at such an early age, making it his goal in life to prove his father wrong over and over again. Not seeing the fact that while proving his dead father wrong was just proving his father was right and making him unhappy in the process. Daphne was a strong lead for Simon and a strong lady (no really, she got one hellva punch!) While not having the harsh treatment that Simon did, she does have her own battles to fight between her family and Simon. Yet, she always manages to keep a happy and thoughtful outlook on life and look at things on the bright side of life. Together both make a wonderful and funny couple whom bring out the best in each other even with crazy family members around them trying to rule them over. I really adore Daphne family, her brothers were a hoot but her Mom was the best, bringing all her sons to order with a few choice words or a yank of a ear. And a cute running mystery of who the infamous Ms. Whistledown truly is. Overall: a great and fun read with a lots of laughs and a lot of love!