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A Hint of Heather - Rebecca Hagan Lee Over the vast and beautiful lands of Scotland all Neil Claremont, Earl of Derrowford sees is a war torn land with it’s people barely living and he’s sick of it! All he wants is to go home and live out his dream of building a better London that is until he’s abducted and forced to married laird of The MacInnes clan Jessalyn MacInnes, but soon he sees beyond the surface of the Scottish people and sets out to not only help rebuild the Maclnnes clan but win the heart of his lady wife....... Rebecca Hagan Lee stories touch base with darker side of history such as the war ravage Scotland in the early 1700's, she never brings it into her romance but by events help shape and model the leads into whom they are when we first meet them... Neil Claremont Earl of Derrowford is an architect and in charge of building the King’s fort of Scotland, but all Neil longs to do is go home and build his own dreams of changing London for the better. Neil hates to see Scotland’s proud people starving and begging in order to live, but still the fort is unfinished and his the head General “Spotty” Oliver in charge of the fort is more worried about his looks and looking good and having parties then making sure the fort is done. When Neil confronts him about a huge hole in the fort wall, for his troubles Neil is banned from the party and chained to his bed. While the party goes on and everyone gets drunk the fort is left unprotected giving three Highlanders a chance. Neil wakes to find himself face to face with a Highlander and an axe, who frees them then shortly knocks him out. When Neil comes to it to become face to face with a beautiful woman who is his bride! Neil finds he’s been tricked into a marriage he knew nothing about by his Grandfather, now Neil is faced with a new bride and many choices ahead of him...and one is a new found love in the highlands of Scotland. The MacInnes laird Jessalyn MacInnes has lost everything. Her family, her brothers and her father are all gone. Her clan is on the brink of dying out and Jessalyn is at wits end not knowing how she can protect her people. Until her father’s warriors and council brings her a husband! A very rich husband with ties to the great king-maker Marquess who was once married to her great aunt. Jessalyn is speechless but not for long as she stands up as a proud laird in the face of a angry Englishman Earl who calls her a lair. Once it’s all settled Jess sees no other way then to marry the Englishman in order to save her clan. But she’s in for a fight when enemies of Neil want his capture and the survive of her clan but the threat Neil poses to her heart as he slowly wins her over with his kindness and love. The first few lines of Neil didn’t put him in a good light for me, as he looks over the lands of Scotland and wanted to puke. Slowly though you see he hates to see the pain of the people of Scotland and just wants to live it behind. But fate plays her hand and gets him married to England’s enemies. Neil is a Englishman ....snob...He doesn’t treat the people of Scotland bad, but he doesn’t respect them much either and won’t put his neck out either. When he finds himself married to a laird you can imagine how livid he was. He quickly sees though his new bride’s eyes how bad things are for the people and the clan. With the wedding feast not much of a feast, Neil is shamed of his snobbish thoughts and offers his meal to his wife. Neil can’t get over the beauty that is his wife and wants to do his duty as a stud to the Laird, but sadly after a knock on his head and rough ride to the clan’s castle, he disappoints Jess whom doesn’t want anything more to do with him. As Neil wanders the castle and starts to view up close the hardships of clan and Jess, Neil puts it in his own hands to repair the castle in order to win Jess’s heart. Neil was a great hero after he got over his snobbish behavior which lucky for us doesn’t last long, and proving himself and even going as far as humbling himself to Jess just made me love him more. Neil was the first to change and after getting around Jess’s fears and pride, proves over and over again how much he’s fallen in love with his Scottish bride. One part that brought tears to my eyes was that none of the clan don’t have shoes and knowing deep down how much Jess wishes she had shoes but never said a word buys her 365 shoes. That was how kind and thoughtful Neil became! Jess is tough as nails, and after losing everything and sees her clan ravage by English army, Jess must fight her pride in order to marry Neil. After a bummer of a wedding night, Jess doesn’t want anything to do with Neil. Jess is shocked and surprised as Neil starts to rebuild her castle and helps each member of her clan. Jess grows to learn to trust Neil but after falling in love with him, risks her life in order to protect him from the a-hole General “Spotty” Oliver who wants Neil hanged. Jess in terms of a character doesn’t change to much because she was always a strong woman, but her love for Neil only makes her even stronger. The romance of Jess and Neil suffers a few major bumps in the road, with two once enemies must make peace for not only the greater good but to see beyond the dirty feet and snobbish behavior to the goodness and love. Rebuilding the castle was not only rebuilding of stone but hearts and trust. Sadly, the romance between Jess and Neil suffers with added story plots and changed focus of Neil’s grandfather and Oliver ‘s mad search for Neil. Things that could have been shorten instead of taking up whole chapters.Overall: a beautiful written story of swore enemies turn lovers and the changes they must face and the obscures they must face in order for their love to truly heal the wounds of war.