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Wicked Intentions - Elizabeth Hoyt Elizabeth Hoyt is one of THE authors, whose works I always look forward to reading, from her first novel, I’ve been hooked. Sadly, after her last novel, which I found to be a big disappointment, I still looked forward to her newest novel and series. And after reading Wicked Intentions, all thoughts of doubt were quickly forgotten, as this book reeled me in and left me wanting more! In a time of London’s Gin Craze, St.Giles is the slums where evil walks the street day and night and where few hopes still burn. Temperance Dews along with her brother Winter Makepeace, run a foundling home for children. One night while saving a new born baby, Temperance catches a glimpse of a man, who has a dark rep for his dark sexual bedsport, this same man tracks her down for her help. With time running out for Temperance and her brother to pay off the owner of the foundling home or have it shut down, Temperance makes a deal to be this man’s- Lord Caire’s- guide to St.Giles and with his help to find someone to keep the foundling home open and running. What Temperance and Lord Caire didn’t know was their journey was just about the begin as a murderer is on the lose with more killings happing each day and the murderer is just one step closer to the pair. Their path would lead them from the dark streets of St.Giles to the old scars that still run through their souls and the healing power of love which runs deep in their hearts. Temperance Dews has seen sin and has felt it, and is willing to go the extra mile to protect the children under her care, but at the same time keeps her distance from being hurt and from being the one hurting those around her. Temperance was married and widowed at a young age, and felt closed in and somewhat helpless, immature and innocence to the events around her. After one sin, one mistake, Temperance has punished herself time and again, trying to right her sin in taking care of the foundling home giving up hope for love and happiness for herself. When Lord Caire walks into her life, asking her to be his guide to St.Giles as he tracks the murderer whom killed his mistress. Temperance feels a deep attraction to him, that she fights tooth and nail, but when she gives in to her feelings, still punishing herself, and not facing the bare facts and accepting the true loving person she is. EH made another great heroine in Temperance, whom was loving and caring but at the same time, beating herself up over a sin she made in the past. Temperance’s mistake was a big one but at the same time an understandable one. Temperance was still a child when she married and needed to grow up, make mistakes to become a mature woman whom would accept everything about her and be able to reach out and heal the scars of others. Sometime the paths we take are not easy and we sometimes hurt the ones we care about, but like Temperance we learn and embrace our mistakes and move on. The lesson learned through the love she felt for Lord Caire, as he healed her old wounds, she healed his. The Ice Man Cometh! He walks as Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire. Well known for his dark bedsport around London, Lazarus is in search for the murderer of his mistress. While he felt no love for his mistress, he felt he owned it to her, that because he didn’t feel anything for her that he needed to find her murder, something he calls a whim on his part. Lazarus on his search sees Temperance many of times and asks for her to be in guide in exchange to help her find someone to help her support her foundling home. Lazarus finds Temperance a puzzle he wants to solve, and perhaps make his lover, but the more he comes to see and be around her, the more he starts to feel emotions long frozen, start to burn again. Lazarus admits he feels nothing for no one. Which it’s shown throughout the book that is false. From his good friend St.John to his Mother and to Temperance. Lazarus since he was a child has put a wall of ice around himself, sealing off everything from the pain he once felt from losing his love ones to hiding the heart of a true poet. The ice around him has caused even the touch of another to cause him great amounts of pain. At times it was hard to “warm” up to Lazarus, but he just drew you like a moth to the flame. You needed to know what caused him such great amounts of pain that even the mere touch of another would feel painful? The layers slowly come off and the pain he felt torn at you. Lazarus never felt love, and when he did it was taken away from him by force or by death. The pain he felt by mere touch caused him to have his dark bedsport. Many things slowly add up with Lazarus as they do with Temperance. Lazarus has to be shown again that the warmth of love doesn’t have to hurt, but can heal with a mere touch. As the ice starts to melt around Lazarus you see the sometimes cynical, humorous, poet that’s been hiding for so long. It was a given how much I loved Lazarus. Lazarus and Temperance had walls around them, and as the accept and heal each others hearts and fall in love, the walls start crumbling down around them. Wicked Intentions had a much darker tone and feel to it, then some of EH’s other books that may have touched upon the darker notes but didn’t really go into the deeper side of things. In Wicked Intentions really kept to what was going on in the time, with the feeling of unrest and the reflections of the dark slums of St.Giles. I felt this also added to the dark sensual and sexual emotions plays between Lazarus and Temperance, and the sex scenes between them are red hot. Unlike other first in the series books, your given glimpses of everything and everyone, giving you just a taste of what’s the come, but always bringing back the focus between the main couple. The cast is unusual but really catchy leaving you wondering more about them from The Ghost of St.Giles whom protects the weak and whom could he be? From The River Pirate King “Charming” Micky O’Connor that is cunning but may have a soft spot after all. The characters are wide-range making me look forward to more of this series.Overall: A excellent start to the new series and after I was done with Wicked Intentions, I was left torn with it not wanting it to end be wanting even more. I look forward to more from this series, eagerly waiting book 2!