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The Perfect Kiss - Anne Gracie Anne Gracie went back to her roots with the last book of the Merridew Sisters with shades of the first book the Perfect Rake in the pages of the Perfect Kiss. This was such a delightful read through and through, with great humor and a nice sensual level between Grace and Dominic. Dominic was such a great hero with a quick sense of humor that made you laugh out loud at times, but could withdrawn into himself from the pain that still lurks from his childhood. Going back to a home he never knew brings back harsh memories of him and his runaway mother. Grace has grown to be a strong woman with a childhood that still haunts her, but before she can start on her life dream, she helps out her best friend to get out of a loveless marriage. When she meets Dominic who steals a kiss (or a few) both can’t help the draw between them. Even with a few misunderstandings Grace and Dominic surprised me over and over again, I enjoyed the banter between them and how even with a few things standing between them they still found their way to each other.Overall: a wonderful ending to the Merridew Sisters series with each sister finding their happiness and love in the end!