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The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor: Justine and the Noble Viscount  Annalise and the Scandalous Rake  Charlotte and the Wicked Lord - Diane Gaston, Deb Marlowe, Amanda McCabe The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor is a three in one regency stories of three sisters who have lived lonley and carefree lives and find love.Period. That pretty much sums up all three stories. Although each story is pretty simple, cut and dry romance and with only a few pages for each story, I wasn't really drawn is just one story or author. The first story I felt didn't have a true connection between the hero and heroine with only the family and lost of loved one to tie them. By time the ending rolled by I felt the story was already running on empty. The second story was much better, as the main couple had an early connection and love for art. Sadly, you knew what was going to happen with the misunderstading, giving you the feeling of reading this before. With no real surpise or twist in the ending.The third story was very cute, and I enjoyed it, it almost felt like My Fair Lady with the main heroine trying to change herself into something she wasn't and the hero just loving her for herself. Yet again no real surpise, but left some lose strings in the story for perhaps another opening for a another book.Overall, a cute and quick read with three very simple romances