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Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Coming from different walks of life Amelia Hathaway and Cam Rohan couldn't be more different then day and night, but just click together like two puzzles pieces making a whole. Amelia comes from a family of so called misfits and as the oldest female has taken the role of protector of her family's welfare at the risk of danger and the occasional headache. Coming into a recent wealth and a title for her bother to boot. Amelia and her family are thrust into a well to do society one that they have never been apart of before. Leaning how to deal with their recent rise in society and trying to keep her brother from slowly killing himself, Amelia is at the end of her rope when she meets the handsome and mysterious Cam Rohan. Cam lives in between two different worlds one that yearns for freedom and another he's been trying to live and run away from. Working at the well-known gambling club, he's surprised when he crosses paths with Amelia in her search for her way-ward brother. Even after they part with a stolen kiss, Cam still can't get Amelia out of his head and when the meet again he decides he never wants to live without her. Amelia and Cam hit it off like a house on fire, with sensual level that is always just waiting to boil over. Both try to fight the attraction between them as both feel family and freedom block their path and hold them back. Once they overcome and accept nothing will keep them apart there's no stopping them, expect for a little danger and some hard-headiness! This was such a delightful read, I loved Cam and his easy charm but his steadfastness that I felt kept Amelia grounded when things got bad. Amelia brought Cam the sense of family he felt he lacked after he was forced to leave his gypsy tribe. The scenes with them together were sometimes funny with their back and forth banter and sometimes so hot I thought the pages were going to burn up! While I enjoyed the main couple, The Hathaway clan was another matter; I liked learning about each of them and their troubles in the beginning. I felt the story started to focus a little too much on the family and not on Cam and Amelia. I didn't care for Leo as the story went on and didn't feel pity for him at the end of the book as I felt he was dragging not only himself but also his family down with him. I can understand his heartbreak over his lost love, she was gone but there was still people who loved him and needed him now more then ever, which put Cam in a better light as the stronger man as he picked up the pieces and helped the Hathaway clan more then Leo ever did. The younger sisters were okay, but once again I felt tidbits of they're troubles would have been enough and more in-depth of their troubles could have waited for their own books, instead I was left with the feeling of being overloaded with to much at once time. Overall: even with it's flaws, a great romantic read of two people learning it's okay to have a shoulder to lean on, of wanting a family and best of all: falling in love.