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Suddenly You - Lisa Kleypas This book was Hot,Hot,Hot! I think the steamiest so far I read from LK! This book started off with a sensual level that was never totally far from the main story plot, although at times it would have gotten on my nerves but it only brought out more from the characters. Jack Devlin was a great hero, with his dark sexy humor that could drive you up the walls at times or want to throw your arms around him and kiss him. With a harsh past the drove him to success. He wasn’t stuck-up or prideful and was very kind, caring and open minded but also stubborn and mule headed (a trait he shared) in some areas mostly when it came to Amanda. Amanda was a great female lead with a career as a writer she thought she live a lonely life with one night of passion to tide her over in her coming years. But as the story moves on you see how she yearns for more out of life, a family and someone to love her for herself. A shy creature, Amanda feels no man will love a woman like her that is to short with curves until she meets Jack that is! Jack put a lot of fears that Amanda had about herself to rest, while rasing more along the way, Jack was one of those males that didn’t push and shove the heroine to do his bidding, but encourage her, shook her up and out of her cocoon. Although letting the past rule to much of the present Jack also had to deal with a lot of troubles. Amanda showed Jack there was more to life then being just single without someone to love you for you. Although both were stubborn to the point I wanted to smack them both over the head, both helped, supported and love one another to move past they’re fears. This book was pretty hot from the first chapter but it didn’t take away from the main plot or feel and pace of the story. What made this really great for me was the bits of history from the printing presses to the libraries to a children’s christmas game of snapdragon, giving you a glimpse into everyday life of everyday people.Overall: A great story with a great sensual feel throughout that will leave you wanting more (be sure to have something cool to drink, you may need it!)