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Captive of Sin - Anna Campbell Finally coming home after being through horrors and tragedies Sir Gideon Trevithick comes across a badly beaten woman and pledges to make sure she is safe but is surprised when this woman is none other then Lady Charis Weston the wealthiest heiress of England and on the run. It’s up to Gideon to keep her safe from those who wish her harm but Gideon is also endanger of losing his heart and soul to Lady Charis..... The Queen of Regency noir does it again with Captive of Sin with shades of her earlier novel Untouched, creating yet again damaged and imperfect characters that pull on you heart strings as you read their unfolding story. Lady Charis stumbles into a stable after being badly beaten by her stepbrothers who wish to use her money to pay off their gambling and other debts, finally seeing an escape Charis runs off into the unknown with only the ragged dress on her back. When she meets a soft talking and beautiful stranger Gideon Trevithick she doesn’t want to put him into any more trouble, but needs up needing him more. I wavered throughout the book between liking Charis and getting tried of her, between her courage of fighting off her stepbrother, then her hero worship/love of Gideon. Charis was sometimes a hard character to like, but her love for Gideon grows from hero worship to real mature love, as she starts to break down the walls around him and starts to see the broken man with a kind and beautiful heart. Gideon tugged and pulled at my heart strings until tears came to my eyes with the horrors he endure in a torture prison. Strong with a huge heart, with the torture he under went, he has painc attacks when someone touches him and in small places. Gideon gave up ever having a normal life after being set free, when he meets Charis his heart almost beats out his chest, but he fights his attraction to her due to demons that haunt him. Willing to do anything for her though, Gideon loves her, but wants her to have a better life then someone whom has so many troubles stacked against them. Gideon isn’t ready though for Charis bullheaded her way into his life and making him face his demons with her love. While Gideon’s over-protectiveness of Charis well-being toward the end go on my nerves, this was pretty much short-lived when he sees he can’t go on without her as he protects her against her stepbrothers. The pace of the story is on the slow side but slowly picks up as Gideon and Charis starts to find out more about each other. The love scenes between them are slow on the uptake with Gideon having to deal with no-touch phobia he takes a few tries to get it right and when it does watch the fireworks go off! WHEW! They’re smoking hot! Greed yet again (shades of Untouched again) makes the baddies of this story mega a-holes and it was great seeing the stepbrothers taken down by Gideon and his friends. The trouble I had with this book mostly was the pace and up and down between Charis and Gideon as they try and protect one another from their said demons or stepbrothers. But mostly how quickly Gideon overcame his phobia so quickly, not that it can’t be done, but I think AC wrote it that it was the first step to finally putting the past behind him and moving on. Overall: at times a heartbreaking story of two people as they heal not only the wounds on their bodies but on their hearts and souls.