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Dangerous - Amanda Quick Out to save her hot headed brother from a duel that could kill him Prudence Merryweather finds herself at the door of the man whom her brother challenged, finally coming to an understanding to spare her brother, Pru ends up making a deal with the Fallen Angel which he may collect at anytime, but it doesn’t have her “to” worried that is until he kisses her. The Earl of Angelstone, Sebastian Fleetwood finds the amateur ghost hunter Ms.Merryweather fascinating and very unusual from the women of the ton, he finds the deal between them very amusing and just another way to stay close to her while he goes about his hobby of solving crimes for Bow Street. But when Pru finds out about his little hobby they both finds themselves not only in a sham engagement but becoming a team solving their biggest mystery yet. As their case starts turning up more dead bodies, they delve deeper to find the truth and finding out their a better team as they match wits and passion to solve a long ago crime. This was a delightful read, it was fun and quick paced never slowing down keeping you wrapped up between Sebastian’s and Pru growing relationship to their case and who-dun-it. Sebastian was a great hero(extra points for having a love for cats), always coming across with his bored and sarcastic attitude toward everyone around him but mostly his father’s side of the family whom always looked their noses down at him. Sebastian hides behind his devil may care mask a deep hurt after the deaths of his family trying to find warmth where he felt a deep cold lay close to his heart. When he meets the crazy and delightful Pru his life turns around as he starts to feel love and warmth making him wonder how he went all his life without Pru by his side. Pru was smart and clever always wanting to be where the action is, she finds she can truly be herself around Sebastian and tag along on his cases. (Mucht to his horror ) As a couple their were really great with their back and forth banter that had you smiling knowing in the end Pru would somehow win no matter what Sebastian did, which was really sweet. The case that Pru and Sebastian work on to solve was if you pay attention and are a fan of Clue was a no brainier, but as to why they did it was a big surprise and how the main villain gets his due was awesome touch. The only fault I had with the whole book was although the banter was enjoyable, when either Sebastian or Pru didn’t get their way (going along on cases or whatnot) they started to act like child who was deny a piece of candy which seem out of character as both were smart and clever and having to act like a kid because they didn’t get what they wanted made me roll my eyes.Overall: a fun read with a overlaying murder mystery and two great leads that will have you enjoying the book till the very end!