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Bargain with the Devil - Enid Wilson What If... Ms. Elizabeth went to seek Mr.Darcy help shortly after her refusal to his marriage proposal to help find her sister. What If... Mr.Darcy agrees to help with one condition, a very ungentlemanly one at thatand What If.. she agrees! Before picking up this book, it’s better to have a quick refresher course on Pride and Prejudice in order to understand where Bargain with the Devil branches off. I really enjoyed this quick read and pretty much finished it in a very short amount of time. The pace of the story and the trouble both Darcy and Elizabeth get into were a lot fun. Although I did have some trouble with to much scene skipping and time lapping. Also toward the end there was a use of a plot device I feel was totally unnecessary to the already fun plot. Being a short story, I was really enjoyed that the author didn’t write a whole sex-fest book with Darcy and Elizabeth getting it on all 24/7. The sexual tension between the two was gradually built and the first sex scene had very hot. The author, I felt, really captured Darcy and Elizabeth well with the way they speak and act and done very well for a short story.Overall: A fast and quick read that may not be for all the Jane Austen fans, but enjoyable to anyone who picks up a copy for themselves.