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The Most Wicked of Sins - Kathryn Caskie When Lady Ivy Sinclair's father orders her to change her ways, marry and quick or face a life destitute, Ivy already has her eye on sensible husband her father would accept. That is until another woman snatches him away. Now Ivy must think up a plan to make her would-be suitor jealous and win him back- hire a actor to impersonate a marques who just happens to love her. When Ivy boldly kisses Dominic Sheridan- he’s blown over by not only her plan for him to act as a peer, but by Ivy herself. And when the plan goes astray, Ivy and Dominic find out they’re not play acting at love anymore... My first impression of this book, I thought it be on the darker side of romance, what it really is a light, fluff read that had me laughing at some of it’s very crazy moments! Ivy and her brothers and sisters have been kicked out of the homeland Scotland by their Father the Duke of Sinclair in order to change their ways as the well-known Seven Deadly Sins, which the siblings embrace their known sins. When a letter comes from The Duke, Ivy has only a little time to change her ways and get married and she knows the perfect man. Lord Tinsdale . Until he gives her the cut-direct and turns his attention to another. Furious, Ivy thinks up a quick plan with her sisters. Hire an actor to impersonate a peer that is madly in love with her, make Tinsdale jealous in order to turn back to her and get him the altar as quickly as possible! And Ivy knows the perfect actor, when she meets him (or get’s slammed in the face by an opening door) Ivy is shocked to see the perfect man in front of her, even goes a far as to steal a mighty kiss from him. When he plans start to fall into place, Ivy is at crossroads, when her plan goes up in smoke as she falls in love with her actor Dominic Sheridan... Dominic Sheridan or as he liked to be called Nick, is visiting his cousin an actor starting out, when he opens the theater door and almost knocks out Lady Ivy Sinclair. He’s even more surprised when she kisses him and then asks him to go along with a plan. Nick doesn’t know what to say when Ivy assumes he’s an actor and asks him to play along an act as a peer, who just happens to be out of town. Nick finds the whole plan amusing, and Ivy like no other woman he’s ever met. Nick agrees, going along with her plan, even going as far to be dress and have dancing lessons. But the more time he spends with Ivy, the more he feels that he can’t be acting when he’s already given his heart away to the fiery Ivy. Ivy and Nick were a great couple, while the sensual level was high, their moments could have been better timed, which makes the moments very funny! Ivy’s sin is Envy, and like her brothers and sisters hold their sin with pride, but Ivy also showed herself to be self-conscious and unsure about herself as she tried to prove herself to her father, she didn’t look around her as she hurt people with her plan to snare Tinsdale, when she falls in love with Nick, she finally learns to stop thinking about herself, but about others, showing an deep kindness, acting like a grown adult woman then a spoiled child. Ivy shows she’s willing to give up her happiness and love when Tinsdale blackmails her when he finds out Nick is an actor. Although Tinsdale gets his, it only showed that Ivy finally grew up when she finally saw she fell in love with Nick and willing to put him first. I “heart” Nick, he was amusing, with a devilish streak in him that could make any woman fall at his feet, but had a huge understanding heart as he saw behind Ivy’s mad plan to the woman she could be. Nick fell in love, and did all in his power to show that Ivy didn’t need pain in the butt Tinsdale, but him, to trust in him and love him. There was a mystery behind whom Nick truly was, but this is pretty much cleared up early on “for the reader” who saw this pretty much a mile away. The interactions between Ivy and Nick were solid gold and would have the reader fanning themselves or laughing out of their chairs... One scene had Ivy and her brother Grant hiring tailors to get Nick new suits, when Ivy doesn’t get the hint to leave so Nick could undress to have his measurements, Nick starts to undress leaving Ivy in a fix... “Ivy gasped as she unintentionally imagined Dominic removing his clothes, The heat in her cheeks doubled in intensity. “I..I ...will leave you to your work, kind sirs” She was stammering like a fool. “I would greatly enjoy a view of the rear. The garden. What I meant was the garden in the rear of the house!” The Sinclair siblings were great, as they wholly supported Ivy in her plan, and even though at times they acted like kids, they truly cared about each other deeply and would do anything for each other. I really liked Grant who saw how much Nick loved Ivy and look forward to his and the rest of the Sinclair clan’s books! Not forgetting the actor cousin of Nick’s, Felix who was a riot and very funny, even when he tried to teach Nick how to waltz which ended in disaster. The humor and the steam level between Nick and Ivy in this book kept it going, even when the ruse of whom Nick was dragged on throughout the book, which brought down my overall score. I felt the ruse was like the elephant in the room, no one was paying attention to, for the reader is was right there, and it was pretty much staring Ivy in the face the whole time, I didn’t understand why it had to be dragged out so long and almost to the very end of the book. Overall: looking for a light and fun read with a great lead couple? The Most Wicked of Sins may be what your looking for, a great, enjoyable read.