Rane Aria

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London's Perfect Scoundrel - Suzanne Enoch Evelyn Ruddick knows she must help the children of Heart of Hope Orphanage, but in order to get the orphanage off it’s feet she must go toe to toe with the Orphanage’s chairman London's most talked about rake "Saint" the Marquis of St. Aubyn. Saint sees Evelyn as another busybody, and with a little luck he’ll have her in his bed and out of the orphanage in no time, that is until he’s in for his own lesson in love by Evelyn herself There’s been many reformed rake stories, but more often then not, the rake isn’t really shown to be a rake in action. With Saint that isn’t the case, as he’s shown in shining lights of being a rake with only himself and his needs coming first, until Evelyn walks into his life. Evelyn wants to do more with her life, then to help her brother’s political career, when she comes across Heart of Hope Orphanage, she hears her calling to help these poor children and finally do something herself to make herself feel her self-worth and just make her proud of herself, until she comes into a roadblock that us St.Aubyn. Even with his sexy overtures he whispers in her ear, and his hot kisses, Evelyn still wants to help the orphanage and makes a deal with a devil St.Aubryn but at the same thinks it’s about time she teaches him a good lesson. St.Aubryn is a rake, a scoundrel, and is tried of the fakes out there in the ton and seeing it first hand by his own family whom used him and forgot about him, life has taught St.Aubryn some hard lessons. Tried of being weight down by the rundown orphanage, he plans to sell it off to create a park, when Evelyn walks through the door, he thought to buy his time with her in his bed. The more he finds out about her, the more he can’t get her out of his bed and later out of his heart. The praise I heard about this book was not unjust! This was an wonderful reforming the rake story, with two wonderful leads that created such a drawn you in story. No on truly believed Evelyn would succeeded in her project of helping the Orphanage or her lessons in love, even her beloved friends, but Evelyn held a sort of strength, no one, even herself knew she had. Willing to go to any lengths, I was shocked when Evelyn taught a few hard lessons to Saint, but at the same time, they weren’t lessons without feeling, but out of pure feelings, and belief things could be better and Saint could be a better man. Evelyn quickly became one of my all- fave heroines! What’s there to say about Saint that hasn’t been said before? He’s a bad-boy, but his coldness wasn’t just him being selfish, but the hard lessons and uncaring family and life taught him, Saint’s motto in life, I’ll give you something if pay me back 10fold. Saint can’t get over Evelyn and how pure she is, and the more she fights him, the more she wants her till he’ll break. With Evelyn’s help and love, Saint sees that he still has a heart, one that is full of kindness and love, the lengths Saint goes to prove he’s changed makes me sigh happily The steam level between the two were smoking, and the heated whispers that Saint told in Evelyn’s ear made me fan myself! With characters from past books making their appearance, the center stage was always on Evelyn and Saint. The book drew me, it was “really” hard to put down! Overall: can’t say enough on how much I loved this book, so I’ll leave it at that “I Loved Saint this book!” ;D