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Lady Rogue - Suzanne Enoch When a wayward boy lands on his doorstep Alexander Cale, Earl of Everton, only thinks it's to pay a debt owned. But when he finds out the lad is a young woman Christine (Kit) Brantley he feels drawn to her, but when he finds out she's a spy, he'll do anything in his power in order to protect her, if she let's him of course! A fun, action packed read, with Suzanne Enoch writing a new twist on an old tale. Kit and her father have been smuggling foods and such into France as the war raged on , unknown to Kit is her father is smuggling more the blankets but weapons for a supporter of Napoleon. In England Kit’s job is the find the man whom stopped their shipment. Under thelong time disguise of an boy, Kit enters the house of Alexander Cale, Earl of Everton. Thinking it’‘l be a breeze Kit is dismayed to that Alex saw through her so quickly, but as she plays the spy game, she can’t help but start to fall in love with Alex, whom shows her a different world, full of light and love... Alex has been working for the government in order to stop the smugglers from getting weapons to France. Seeing behind Kit’s disguise, he can’t help but be drawn to this feisty woman, but when he finds out Kit maybe over her head with her spy game, Alex must pull in all his wits in order to protect the woman he’s fallen in love with. The face paced action of Lady Rouge and the banter between Alex and Kit, were the true highlights of the book. Kit and Alex feel an attraction to one another, but at the same time, can only tell half truths to one another as they play a life and death game. Kit wants to stand on her own, and has for many years by her father’s side, while at the same time Alex wants to protect Kit from harm. Instead of the story being dragged along with Kit’s disguise, the cat’s out of the bag in a few short pages. Alex knew how to play his cards right, and felt and later knew Kit, was the spy he was after. I loved Alex with his easy charm and the way he cared deeply for Kit after his first marriage wasn’t willing to take a chance at love again, but Kit with her mischief brought Alex out of his gloom. Kit was a lot of fun, as she fought her way from war torn France, to tracking down the man who was stopping shipments. Kit had a good heart and hated what became of France, she’s seen the worse, but she didn’t let it get her down, but it didn’t put trust as an option when it came to others. Kit and Alex fought long and hard for their feelings and while many misunderstandings and half-truths bugged me, I still enjoyed when they found their HEA. With the adventure and the spy game, the book’s pace flies by, as your quickly drawn into the story, the secondary characters, added to the story, but didn’t take away from the main couple.Overall: a fun and enjoyable, with new twists to an old plots and finding a great love in the spy game.