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My Darling Caroline - Adele Ashworth Lady Caroline Grayson love and study for botany has pushed her to create roses and plants not yet seen, but her dream is threatened when she’s forced into an arranged marriage with Brent Ravenscroft, never did she think her new husband would support her and her talented mind, and never did she think she would fall in love with him....... There’s been many reissues of books of late, and to say am happy I picked this book would be an understatement “overjoyed” would be close enough~! Adele Ashworth weaves a beautiful romantic tale of two people whose lives were shapes by their tough childhood. While at times they are at odds with one another you still feel a great pull between them at all times, and how their relationship starts to build from foes to lovers. Caroline Grayson is smart and talented, with her works in botany and a mind that can do huge figures in her head in seconds, Caroline is loved by her family and shunned by society, but her hope and dreams are what keeps her going, and when her idol in botany shunned her, saying a man must do her work for her, Caroline has had enough, planning to go to America to study, everything is put on a stand-still when she’s forced to marry. Instead of crying about it Caroline tries to keep her dream alive and try to keep her virtue in tack in order to get her marriage annulled. What she doesn’t count on is her husband Brent Ravenscroft acceptation of her mind and soon after meeting his daughter, Caroline starts to see Brent as a man greater then himself, a truly great man, and falls in love with him. In romance it’s kinda lame when the heroine has to give up everything in order to be with the hero. In this case Caroline giving up her dream of botany along with making love with Brent was proof of how much Caroline loved and cared deeply. Instead of being just book smart Caroline also showed a greater depth of feeling because of being shunned and being a woman with a mind of her own, something looked down upon at the time. The love that grew between Caroline and Brent opened one another’s eyes to their faults, their scars and the past pains they needed to let go of. Brent most of all needed to let go of his pains, due to his mother’s harsh and cold treatment of him and his sister, Brent viewed woman with much mistrust, and when he returns home from war and being an English spy, he’s horrified to see his home ruined and in shambles. When Brent is faced with having to marry Caroline is thinks of her as a woman who is trying to move up in the world and he thinks of her only as a wife to produce his heir. The change starts when he sees how smart Caroline is, but scared and uneasy to show how smart she is, and later how she teaches his daughter how to speak and talk even when she’s deaf. Brent sees Caroline for him she truly is and is very proud of his wife, he loves her very deeply and willing to protect her against a man whom wants him dead. Brent still has some major issues with trust that stem from his mother, which leads to the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING which I felt was not at all like the Brent readers fell in love with and pretty lame, but he does make it up later when his eyes are finally opened by Caroline’s dear sisters and her love. Caroline’s family seem like your normal family, but first impressions with this family is way off the mark! (In a good way) Just when you think you have everyone figured out, there’s one more little twist that will make you laugh and smile!Overall: a beautiful written and wonderful plot with two leads that will hold a special place in your heart along after your done reading the book...

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