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Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress - Diane Gaston Looking forward to the next book in the Three Soldiers series, I greatly enjoyed book one Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady and was looking forward to reading this. Sadly, my hype couldn’t save this book in the end from dropping stars off it’s overall rating. Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress suffered a Jekyll and Hyde syndrome with the first part of the book wonderfully done, with battles raging on and two people thrown together as the gun blaze and cannon smoke lingers in the air. The book is broken up into three parts or three dates. The raid of Badajoz, Waterloo and Two Years After. Badajoz is when the story sets it’s roots with the three soldiers thrown together as Badajoz is raided and these events shape and effects the characters deeply later on. Our main couple though doesn’t meet until Waterloo where Marian Pallant get’s abandoned on the battle field by her dizzy friend and ends up helped by Captain Allan Landon. Marian is a proper English miss, but isn’t scared to help the soldiers whom come to her wounded and hurt. As Waterloo goes on Allan can’t help but think of Marian stuck in the middle of battle, and when he sees where he placed her for safety on fire, he rushes in to rescues her and sees her pulling out soldiers from the burning fire. Needing to get away Allan and Marian rush off, with Allan on thought of getting Marian to somewhere safe, only to be shot. The days after Marian nurses Allan back to health, enough where they be able to ride to Brussels where Marian’s friend’s family is there. But once they reach the Brussels Marian is turned away after her friend lies leaving her behind , Marian sees this as a way to help the wounded whom fill the streets, and take them into her home to help and treat them. Allan a stickler for everything proper corners Marian into going to her guardian Tranville, so her rep will be saved. From one misunderstanding to another Marian’s cousin tells her lies forcing the couple apart until the meet up again two years later with Marian creating a march that could kill her and Allan trying to save her life. At the start of the book, I really liked both leads. Marian was a strong woman who saw the wounded and didn’t turn her back on them, but wanted to do everything for them. Allan was a stickler for being proper, and although this did get on my nerves you could see how much in love he was with Marian, but wanted to bring something to their marriage. Then we reach the end of Waterloo and here comes the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING and after “everything” they been through Marian believes the lies of her douchebag cousin instead of believing in Allan whom she’s seen first hand what a gentleman he is, breaks off with him. As the story moves on Marian hasn’t lost her will to help soldiers, but she’s gotten to the point of being so vain about it, she doesn’t see the forest for the tree. Risking many men’s lives for her to make her point. Even when she believes Allan didn’t do the things her cousin said, still believes the worse of Allan, when she knows he prevents the marches because of the riots he’s seen first hand. I really lost my respect for the character Marian, and could have been redeemable in my eyes, if she opened her eyes sooner to the truths around her, but her eyes are not open until the last two or four pages, after she risked the men in the march lives. Allan is the second part of the book becomes less of a stickler and more of a man whose out to help those around him, without breaking the law or risking the lives of others. I didn’t care for him much in the first half of the book, but came to in the second part. More then anything I wanted him to put Marian over his knee and gives her a good spanking, cause that girl needed it, for acting like such a brat! A being the vengeful reader I am, would have left her to get her butt kicked along with her dumbass cousin and uncle. And here I thought I had and saw the last of the douchiest Tranville duo. Am praying they’re not in the next book of the series with the solider I wanted to read about most Gabriel. The story was top-notch. Don’t get me wrong, I adored and loved the story of a woman helping soldiers and giving me a good history lesson as well. But in this case the characters could have either made or break the rest of the story and while they had a excellent start, falter at the finishing line. Overall: The book started off as strong four star but came down to a weak three stars as I enjoyed the story and history more then I could stand the characters.