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Reckless - Anne Stuart After loving Ruthless, I created a great hype in my head for Reckless, and while it did fall somewhat short of my expectations, it was still a highly enjoyable read. Adrian and Charlotte were two halves of a whole, both trying to live their lives out of the mold. I felt that Charlotte had Adrian pegged early on as being a young boy in a man’s body. Adrian acted like a total spoiled child, whom used sex as a game. Charlotte tried to fight the attraction and love she felt for Adrian knowing it just lead her to heartbreak, but I think she felt a connection to Adrian because he could be a child, something she wasn’t able to be herself. Adrian does have some major growing up to do, and while he does it, it’s kinda slow on the uptake as the book is highly sexual, more so then Ruthless that was highly sensual. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some hot romances, but I also enjoy a storyline and characters I can understand. The sex between the characters was hot, but overshadowed the growth and connection you would expect to see. This led to the secondary romance really drawing the spotlight away from the main romance. The secondary romances- is supposed to be that secondary, to move and add more background to the main couple and the book. I would have “loved” to have a book or short story about Lina (Charlotte’s cousin) and a vicar Simon Pagett, their romances had more substance then Adrian and Charlotte’s. Not that their romance doesn’t grow, it’s just slow going and really doesn’t shine until toward the end with another added bump in the road with a evil plot thrown in. It was also great to see how Francis and Elinor (Ruthless) have held up after all the years and how devoted they still are to one another! While it didn’t live up to my own hype, it was still avenge and good (smokin’ hot) read, and had a very sweet ending between a spinster and a reformed rake