Rane Aria

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A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James Once upon a time..not to long ago. A reviewer named Rane came across a book, but not just any book- a book with a beautiful cover in shades of the fairy tale Cinderella. Now Rane has read many good things about this book, and the stars bestowed upon showed it’s favor to other readers. So taking a chance, she picked up this book and took it home with her, hoping all turned out well, if not she could complain loudly. Thankfully, Rane did not have to complain and saved her vocal cords the trauma. Now Rane had to admit, she’s never been fond of this author’s works, but was willing to give everyone their chance, was happily surprised at the delightful story. With a lead named Kate was not as meek or weak or a songbird of Cinderellas of old, no this heroine was strong and cunning. As Rane read on, about Kate who was forced to take the role of her sister, the story moved on very quickly, as Kate is forced through one obstacle or another. Having to keep her disguise, Kate the heroine meets up with her- unknownn to her- own godmother, that doesn’t wave around a wand with magic, but is feisty and could talk anyone down man, woman or beast. And whom Rane had to admit was her favorite character throughout the book. We finally meet the prince whom was not Prince Charming, but could be very conceited, but caring to his family and others, his love for history made him smart, but it was up to the strong Kate to turn him on his head and his ways. Now Rane did enjoy the story and the leads very much, (and could admit had a crush on the prince’s brother Wick) sadly the Prince Gabriel in all his fine feathers was lacking in her eyes. Rane couldn’t place her finger on what was lacking until she saw she was in the middle of the book by then, when it dawned on her, the lack of growth and stage present the Prince Gabriel had. The time focus on Kate was all and well, but this took away from Kate and Prince Gabriel, and this just wouldn’t do for Rane the Reviewer. As the story progress, with rats that were really cute dogs, and truths finally known and of course glass slippers! Rane was happy with all the nice twists the story had to offer on an classic fairy tale. Even with some nice love scenes- save Rane’s blushes! As Rane reached the end of this book, she proclaimed to all “This was a fun and delightful book indeed!” and that was all. As she wrote of this funny little review for all those to read, she sighed happy waiting for the next in the series as she went onto her next book journey The End.....Until the next Review!